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Shops for Rent in Lahore

The city of Lahore has transformed into an urban landscape with its rapid development on ultra-modern standards for skyscrapers and mixed-use vertical developments. The demand for top-notch facilities is replacing the traditional shopping trends in the ‘City of Gardens’. Lahore is one of the most prominent commercial centers amongst all the metropolitan cities of Pakistan, and renting a shop for rent in Lahore can prove to be very fruitful for your commercial endeavors. 

In recent years, the city has witnessed wide-scale and rapid developments that highlights the shift from horizontal to high-rise and vertical constructions. However, the traditional markets have not lost their importance, just that the culture and economy have evolved towards high-rise constructions. Some of the most famous commercial markets in Lahore include Anarkali Bazaar, Liberty Market, Ichhra Bazaar, Shahalmi Market, Hall Road, Link Road Model Town, and Urdu Bazaar. You can easily find a shop for rent in Lahore in these famous bazaars or you can opt for more modern commercial markets and plazas that are offering more updated facilities and amenities. 

What are the types of Shops for Rent in Lahore?

A shop for rent in Lahore can be taken up for sale of goods, post office, travel agency, display of commodities, or by beauty parlors etc. Before renting a shop in Lahore, however, it is important to consider important factors including the location of the shop, the minimum and maximum footfall prospects, the rental terms and agreement, and nearby existing shops — to ensure if the area is a good fit for your business. There are two types of shops for rent in Lahore, you can either opt for a shop in a traditional market or in the modern buildings or plazas that offer amenities like security, centrally air-conditioning or temperature-controlled environment, elevators, and spacious car parking. 

What is the Rent of Shops in Lahore?

The average rent for a shop in Lahore has increased several times, impacting the average rental yields, and in turn benefiting the owners of commercial properties on rent. The rent of a shop is determined as per its ‘sq ft’ or ‘per marla’ size. You can choose the size of a shop according to your needs and requirements. The location and the area of the shops available for rent in Lahore determine the overall rental price.

In recent years, the city has witnessed a tremendous incline towards the development of mixed-use vertical buildings, which are also offering shops for sale in Lahore at affordable rates   — taking the offered facilities and amenities into account. Some of the new projects that have been introduced in Lahore that offer commercial properties on rent include kiosks and shops in Pace Circle, Grand Square Mall, Tele Tower, Zee Avenue, and Time Square Mall. Some established commercial developments, where you can easily find a shop for rent, include the Packages Mall, the Emporium Mall, Gulberg Galleria, and the Xinhua Mall.

Rental Value of Shops in Lahore
675 sq ft PKR 12 Thousand - PKR 1 Lakh
1,125 sq ft PKR 30 Thousand - PKR 1.5 Lakh 
1,800 sq ft PKR 50 thousand - PKR 1.75 Lakh 
2,240 sq ft  PKR 70 Thousand - PKR 2.15 Lakh

It is pertinent to mention here that the average rent of a shop in Lahore starts from PKR 12 thousand and can go as high as PKR 3 lakh.

Factors to consider before renting a shop in Lahore

The factors that you should consider before renting a shop in Lahore, (or features that may attract a tenant), include: 

  1. Location 
  2. Parking Space 
  3. Age of Property 
  4. Light and ventilation 
  5. A good landlord-tenant relationship