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Renting an Upper Portion in Sector I-8

Sector I is located in Zone 1 of Islamabad. While the sector mostly caters to the industrial needs of the region, Sector I-8 remains purely residential. It is a well-developed area, located right next to the Islamabad Expressway that connects Rawalpindi and Islamabad. The sector is further divided into 4 divisions, as is the case with all residential sectors in Islamabad. The Markaz at its centre is the commercial hub of the area.

Types of Upper Portions in Sector I-8

Islamabad offers a range of rental properties, with some of the options being upper or lower portions of houses, in comparison to renting a complete house or apartment. Sector I-8 offers a lot of rental properties in this regard. Upper portions for rent here can be found for 10 Marla, 14 Marla and even 1 Kanal and most of these units can be found in I-8/2, I-8/3, and I-8/4, with I-8/4 being the closest to Faizabad Bus Stop and Murree Road.

Rent Price Trend for Upper Portions in Sector I-8

Upper portions in Sector I-8 can charge a monthly rent of PKR 25 thousand to 1.8 lakh. The prices depend on the size of the portion being offered as well as the amenities that the landlord has included with their monthly rent. A 10 Marla upper portion can have a monthly rent of PKR 42 thousand to 75 thousand. If you are looking for a larger option, Sector I-8 offers upper portions of 1 Kanal for a rent of PKR 45 thousand to 1.8 lakh on a monthly basis.

Schools, Universities & Hospitals in Sector I-8

As a residential community, Sector I-8 has several schools nearby. Two of these are The Educators and Headstart School. Colleges in Sector I-8 include Islamabad Model College for Girls and Islamabad Model College for Boys, both located in I-8/3. While Sector I-8 does not have hospitals within its limits, Shifa International Hospital in Sector H-8 and Ali Medical Centre in Sector F-8 Markaz can facilitate the residents, should the need arise. SZABIST and Preston University in Sector H-8 and NUML and Iqra University in Sector H-9 are available for higher education in the area.

Facilities & Security in Sector I-8

Sector I-8 is fully developed with well-built roads and offers comfortable access to amenities for the residents. The sector has its own cricket and football grounds while also being home to several parks like Muhammad Bin Qasim Park, Usmania Park and Mehmood Ghaznavi Park. While Islamabad is generally secure, if you are renting an upper portion in an existing house, your landlord might have CCTV cameras installed for security purposes. Families can also head to the Shakarparian National Park on the other side of the Islamabad Expressway to enjoy their day to the fullest.

Shopping & Restaurants in Sector I-8

The Markaz within Sector I-8 has several malls, such as Time Square Plaza, Galleria Islamabad and the Emporium Square. These are home to clothing and shoe stores and also offer a number of other goods. Grocery shopping can also be done at one of the smaller markets or corner shops. Two of these are Pakeeza Market and Usmania Market. Some of the restaurants located within Sector I-8 and its Markaz are Subway, Hot and Spicy, Pizza Bella and Savour Foods. These cater to a variety of taste buds, offering Pakistani cuisine as well as fast food.

Reasons for Renting in Sector I-8

Situated at the edge of Islamabad and adjoining Rawalpindi, Sector I-8 offers the ideal residential location. It is also walking distance from the Rawalpindi Cricket Stadium as well as the National Industrial Exhibition Site, ensuring that you don’t miss out on local events. Additionally, if you are employed within the industrial zone nearby, commute to work will certainly become a lot easier. The adjoining sectors also make up for any lack of facilities locally, ensuring that all your needs are being met adequately.