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    Renting an Upper Portion in Chaklala Scheme

    Real estate of Rawalpindi offers a lot of options for renting. Chaklala Scheme is one of the newly built housing societies in the city. It is, however, important to note Chaklala is an area that began to develop only recently. So, if you want to live in a place where you have all the modern amenities at your disposal but that’s also not too overcrowded, then you should definitely consider Chaklala Scheme. It is divided into Scheme 1, 2, and 3. The last one is comparatively more developed and has better facilities. Since Scheme 1 and 2 are mostly occupied, properties in Chaklala Scheme are mainly available for rent in the third scheme.

    Types of Upper Portions in Chaklala Scheme

    Chaklala Scheme, for the most part, comprises spacious properties, which is why a lot of owners here rent out single units. These units mostly have balconies and verandas. Sometimes, the landlords also allow you access to the rooftop too. Security-wise, upper portions are better. However, a garage and garden’s inclusion in the whole package is rare. The units available for rent start at 5 marla, however, the most popular area size for upper portions in Chaklala Scheme is 10 marla. After that, 1 kanal is the largest available area size and these spacious units majorly have 3 bedrooms at max.

    Rent Price Trend for Upper Portions in Chaklala Scheme

    The rent price for a normal 5 marla upper portion starts at PKR 15 thousand and goes up to PKR 18 thousand. Meanwhile for a space measuring 10 marla, ranges between PKR 22 to 38 thousand. For 1 kanal, PKR 40 to 60 thousand is the most common rent price range. Sometimes these prices include basic facilities like electricity and gas bill and sometimes it doesn’t. Other than that, the quality, design, and plan of the upper portion also play a major role in deciding these prices.

    Facilities & Security in Chaklala Scheme

    Almost all the rental properties in Chaklala Scheme are more or less occupied since it is an older project. This also means new residents do not have to wait for long periods of time for the installation of utilities. The scheme already has it all. IESCO is responsible for the electricity supply. Water is usually distributed from the project’s tube well. The area has just about all the prominent banks, pharmacies, grocery stores, beauty parlours, cinema, and convenience stores. Within the society, they have built a municipal library. For security, there are security checkpoints on every entrance and the police does patrol at specific times.

    Schools, Universities & Hospitals in Chaklala Scheme

    Every scheme here has different schooling options. Headway Escuela School is located in Scheme 1. Asif Public School, The Educators, Allied School, and Silver Oaks School can be found in Scheme 2. APS, Roots Montessori School, Concept Schools, and Zawiya Academy are a few of the schooling systems in Scheme 3. Many higher education institutes are also present near Chaklala Scheme like UCAT University and Rawalpindi Medical University. A number of hospitals are conveniently located close to all three projects. The most prominent names include Al Mustafa Welfare Trust Hospital and Al-Akbar foundation.

    Shopping & Restaurants in Chaklala Scheme

    Chaklala Scheme features almost all the famous fast food chains, especially Scheme 3. KFC, Subway, OPTP, Domino’s, and Granny are the most visited ones. For grocery shopping, you can easily find marts and superstores. However, you can visit Andaz Mall, for clothing items. Other than that, Chaklala Scheme has computer and furniture stores as well. Compared to Scheme 1 and 2, Chaklala Scheme 3 has more options for shopping and dining.

    Reasons for Renting in Chaklala Scheme

    Since its establishment, Chaklala Scheme has been very popular. At first, Scheme 1 got occupied so quickly that its builders had to launch Scheme 2 and 3 to meet the high property demand. For rent, upper portions are mostly offered in Scheme 3. Plus, you don’t have to travel to other parts of the city for access to good schools and/or healthcare facilities. Since the project has been around for quite some time, there are no credibility concerns. Therefore, if you are looking for a reliable housing scheme that is also affordable, then Chaklala Scheme is worth your consideration.