Gwadar is the next economic frontier of Pakistan and one that will have an immense impact on global trade in the times to come. Given the strategic location and importance of the city, it’s no wonder that investors, businesspeople, and people looking for secure, long-term investments have already or are planning to invest heavily in Gwadar.

Located at a prime location and approved by the Gwadar Development Authority (GDA), Canadian City has all the makings of a successful project, at least on paper. The housing project has a category-A NOC and offers multiple residential and commercial plots at highly affordable prices. The developers of this project, have purposely made the purchasing process hassle-free for buyers by providing a convenient instalment plan.

Canadian City is a promising project which is expected to provide an incredible standard of living to its residents. The developing society has already gained immense interest from investors around the country.

Keeping in mind the growing global interest in China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC), and investments from Saudi Arabia, China, and the government of Pakistan, investing in Canadian City seems like a good bet to gain lucrative returns in the near future. Besides investing, the business community can take advantage of Gwadar’s strategic location and benefit from the ease of export and import, generating increased revenues and employment opportunities in the process.


  • 32-feet above sea level
  • Surrounded by four 150-feet wide roads
  • Natural gas and electricity connections
  • Proper sewerage system
  • High-quality fibre optic cables for internet connectivity
  • Dedicated commercial area
  • Water treatment plant
  • Top-notch security system
  • Community hospital
  • Central mosque
  • Leisure activities



Public Transport in Canadian City Gwadar

Before the introduction of CPEC, Gwadar was a small, remote city without any proper infrastructure in place. Gwadar took centre stage only after the CPEC agreement was officially signed. Building an entire city from the ground up is a massive undertaking, and even though infrastructure is being developed in the city at a rapid pace, it will take some time for the city to come truly alive.

As of now, Gwadar lacks any formal public transport and similarly, there is no public transport available near Canadian City, Gwadar. The city and the society are quite far away from being developed, but once established, we can be sure to a certain extent that public transport will be available for the residents of Gwadar and the society. It is also safe to assume that public transportation will include stops for buses, rickshaws, taxis, and ride-sharing services, none of which are operational at present in Gwadar.

Markets in and near Canadian City Gwadar

Once wholly developed, Gwadar will be a shopping destination unlike any other in Pakistan. People might visit Gwadar just for the sake of shopping. At present, there are only a few stores, marts and shopping malls catering to the day-to-day grocery and shopping needs of residents. Canadian City is only at a drive of 30 minutes or less from Sharjah Super Market, Oman Super Market & Gift Centre, Ashraf Hussain, Bohra Market, Gazrawan Super Market, Usmania Ward Market, Galaq Bazar, Jannat Plaza, Bana Plaza, and Coastal Atos Gwadar Shopping Centre.

Mosques in and near Canadian City Gwadar

Other than the 23,390 sqft central Jamia Mosque included in the masterplan of Canadian City, there are a couple of mosques in every sector of the society. Sector A has two mosques, while Sector B and Sector F have one each. Similarly, Sector C has space reserved for four mosques in the masterplan while Sector D and E will have three mosques. Moreover, other mosques located near Canadian City, Gwadar, include:

  • Qasim-ul-Hullum Masjid
  • Bilal Masjid
  • Bismillah Masjid
  • Masjid Albasit
  • Madni Masjid
  • Thooba Masjid
  • Makki Masjid
  • Qalandari Masjid

All the mosques can be reached in around a 30-minute drive from Canadian City, Gwadar.

Schools, Colleges And Universities in and near Canadian City Gwadar

The development of Gwadar also translates into improved educational facilities for the residents of the city and the people living there to seek employment or for business purposes. A land mass measuring 44,276 sqft has already been reserved for academic purposes in Sector E of Canadian City. Moreover, future residents of Canadian City, Gwadar, will also have the choice of sending their kids to schools located near the society. Some operational schools located near the society are:

  • Govt. Middle School for Boys and Girls (10 minutes away)
  • GDA Public Higher Secondary School
  • Govt. Boys High School
  • Govt. Girls Primary School
  • Govt. Gwathri High School
  • Govt. Girls High School
  • Al Johar School
  • Dar-Ul-Uloom Secondary Public School
  • The Oasis School

The schools are located in the old city, and it takes around 30 minutes to reach them from Canadian City.

Banks in and near Canadian City Gwadar

Gwadar is poised to be at the centre of trade, economic and financial activities in Pakistan, and Gwadar’s master development plan includes dedicated zones for every type of commercial activities in the city. As for Canadian City, there are two commercial areas included in the masterplan of the society; one near Sector E and F, and the other near Sector A, B, C and D. It can be assumed that once Canadian City is developed, the commercial areas will house banks and ATMs for the financial ease of residents. SBP-BSC bank is around 16 minutes’ drive away from Canadian City, while Bank Alfalah is 22 minutes away. Allied Bank in New Town, Soneri Bank on Gwadar Road, Summit Bank, MCB, National Bank of Pakistan, UBL, JS Bank, and Bank Al Habib in Old City, Gwadar can be reached in 30 minutes or less.

Electricity Backup

The government of Pakistan plans to establish a 300 MW Coal Fired Power Plant (CFPP) to generate and supply electricity to Gwadar. Canadian City will also get its share of electricity from CFPP. Future residents will also have the choice of installing personal UPS’, generators, and solar panels to meet their electricity needs.

Clinics and Hospitals in Canadian City Gwadar

The masterplan for any city cannot be considered complete without having specially reserved spaces for medical facilities. Gwadar’s masterplan includes the provision of hospitals, clinics, and other healthcare facilities. As of now, GDA Hospital, Al Shifa Hospital, and DHQ Hospital are operational in Gwadar and providing medical facilities to the residents. The hospitals are located at a distance of 27 to 30 minutes from Canadian City, Gwadar. As for the future residents of Canadian City, 27,950 sqft has been reserved for a community hospital in Block D of the society.


Sales Price Trends in Canadian City Gwadar

Plots for Sale in Canadian City Gwadar

Gwadar promises unparalleled returns on investment, especially in the real estate sector. Canadian City seems like a promising project offering 5 marla, 10 marla, 1 kanal and 2 kanal residential plots, and commercial plots of 2, 4, and 8 marla. Interestingly, commercial plots in Canadian City were sold out immediately after the project launched. The 5 marla residential plots in Canadian City have a sale price of PKR 11.28 lakh, while a 10 marla plot is priced at PKR 19.25 lakh. A 1 kanal plot costs PKR 35.47 lakh and 2 kanal costs PKR 68.2 lakh.

Commercial Properties

The sale price for commercial plots in Canadian City is economical as well. A 2 marla commercial plot costs PKR 12.5 lakh, while a 4 marla plot costs PKR 22.25 lakh. Similarly, a standard 1 kanal commercial plot has a sale price of PKR 32.25 lakh. However, an 8 marla commercial plot costs around PKR 40 lakh.



Restaurants And Bakeries near Canadian City Gwadar

The lavish lifestyle promised by Canadian City also translates into having commercial areas housing a variety of restaurants for residents, once they are developed. Moreover, the food street in Gwadar is 30 minutes’ drive away from the society. The food street boasts Super Salatein Restaurant, Hot Box Fast Food, Quetta Restaurant & Hotel, Pakistan Coast Guards Officer Mess, Taj Mahal Restaurant & Cinema, Hotel Marjan, Karachi Darbar Restaurant & BBQ, Restaurant Alteen and Gwadar Tourist Motel. Al Aziz Hotel Special Roosh is only 15 minutes’ drive away from Canadian City.


Sports Facilities and Fitness Centres in and near Canadian City Gwadar

The masterplan of Canadian City, Gwadar, includes a swimming pool for its residents. The commercial areas in the society might become home to gyms and fitness centres in the future. As of now, two gyms are located near Canadian City. The one in Jinnah Avenue is named Al Pakistan Awesomeness Gym and one in the old city is called Diesel Gym Gwadar. Both gyms are located at a drive of around 26 minutes from Canadian City, Gwadar.

Parks in and near Canadian City Gwadar

Canadian City, Gwadar, includes a park, adjacent to the land reserved for a school, in Block E. However, the masterplan does not contain spaces reserved for leisure activities.  Also, Gwadar Public Park is 48 minutes’ drive away from Canadian City. It is a perfect picnic spot to spend time with friends and family offering beautiful views of the ocean.

Cinema Near Canadian City Gwadar

Future residents of Canadian City can visit Taj Mahal Cinema, 30 minutes’ drive away, to watch the latest movies.


  • Located at a distance of 1.5 km from Makran Coastal Highway
  • Just 2.5 km away from Marine Drive
  • Zero Point is only 5 km away from Canadian City
  • Only 15 km away from Gwadar International Airport
  • Renowned hotels and banks will be operational near Canadian City


Canadian City is a part of Gwadar’s revised master plan and is approved by GDA. A buyer can get complete land ownership by paying 25% of the total amount as down payment. The society is ideally located, and the prices of property are going to increase once the city and society are fully developed. Gwadar will be a tax-free city and is expected to generate over 2 million job opportunities in different sectors. People from all over Pakistan will travel to Gwadar in search of jobs, and it will lead to an increase in the price of real estate in this area.

Are you looking to buy property in Canadian City Gwadar?


Importance of Canadian City Gwadar from major locations nearby

  • Makran Coastal Highway - 16 minutes’ drive away
  • Marine Drive - 11 minutes’ drive away
  • Zero Point - 12 minutes’ drive away
  • Gwadar International Airport - 25 minutes’ drive away
  • Akara National Park - 30 minutes’ drive away

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