Citi Housing Society Gujranwala is an enormous project by Citi Housing Developers. The people behind the project are well-known for their remarkable construction efforts, not just in Gujranwala, but their previous projects have also created success stories in Sialkot, Jehlum, and Faisalabad.

Citi Housing Society is located near GT Road and Upper Chenab Canal and is approved by the Gujranwala Development Authority (GDA). The project is divided into three phases, and all of them have been planned following the latest international standards of town planning and engineering.

Phase 1 of the Citi Housing Society, Gujranwala is located at an exceptional location as it provides direct access to GT road from the society. The phase has employed eco-friendly construction practices to make sure the surrounding are not hurt or disturbed. Phase 2 of City Housing Society is located a bit far from Phase 1 and also hosts the head office of Citi Housing Developers. It is a fully developed commercial and residential phase where residents are already enjoying an elevated lifestyle and an array of modern amenities.

Phase 3 of the housing society has been designed to remain as close to its natural environment as possible. The phase includes parks, floriculture, and many beautiful streetscapes. Phase 3 has been deliberately designed to ensure minimum consumption of water and energy and maximum protection of the environment.

All the phases have underground electrical and telecommunication cabling along with sewage, water, and natural gas supply systems. The society also has a 24/7 security and monitoring system for the complete safety of residents. The Customer Care unit of the community is always available to solve any issues faced by residents.

The society offers 5 marla, 10 marla, and 1 kanal houses and plots for commercial and residential use.


  • Underground electrical and telecommunication cables
  • Underground sewage, water and gas pipelines
  • 24/7 Security
  • 24/7 Electricity Backup
  • Wide Road Network
  • Eco-Friendly Construction

Other essential features that make Citi Housing Society an important development in Gujranwala are:

  • Canal View
  • Mosques located inside the society

Marquee facilities situated inside the society



Public Transport near Citi Housing Society Gujranwala

Being situated near GT Road, Gujranwala means access to public transport from the society remains convenient throughout the day. Eminabad More Bus Station is one of the nearest bus stops from the community and can be reached within 12 minutes. Also, Theri Sansi Train Station is just 22 minutes away from the society.

Markets near Citi Housing Society Gujranwala

There are various markets located near Citi Housing Society, Gujranwala where you can reach within a few minutes. These include:

  • Citi Electric and Hardware Store at 2 minutes’ drive away
  • Iman Bakers and Super Store at 2 minutes’ drive away
  • Citi Shopping Mart at 3 minutes’ drive away
  • Main Market Wapda Town Gujranwala at 12 minutes’ drive away
  • C2 Mini Market at 13 minutes’ drive away
  • Madina Cloth Market at 20 minutes’ drive away
  • Central Market at 27 minutes’ drive away
  • Asadullah Mughal Market at 27 minutes’ drive away

Mosques in and near Citi Housing Society Gujranwala

Every phase of Citi Housing Society includes the provision of a mosque. However, phase 3 is home to a Grand or the main Jamia Mosque.

The society is developed at a prime location and is surrounded by several mosques that are not more than 5 to 10 minutes away from the society such as Ishaq Masjid, Ruksana Begum Masjid, Masjid Canal View, and Jamia Masjid Salman.

Schools, Colleges And Universities in and near Citi Housing Society Gujranwala

Parents living in the society have the option of sending their kids to a school that’s located within their society. Not only does this convenience increase the peace of mind of parents, but it also adds to the value of the property available in the society.

Phase 3 of Citi Housing Society, Gujranwala is home to Beaconhouse Citi Housing Campus where children are provided with an excellent quality of education. The school has a reputation for being one of the best schools in Pakistan. However, parents aren’t limited to this one school only since many other schools are located nearby, such as The Educators School, which is only 14 minutes away. Also, Oasis International School at 3 minutes’ drive from the society and Rills School, located near Eminabad Road, is just 12 minutes’ drive away from the society.

As for colleges, there are some renowned colleges near Citi Housing Society, Gujranwala, such as Government Degree College Kamoke at 23 minutes’ drive from the society, ILM College at 18 minutes’ drive, and the famous Punjab Group of Colleges is just 17 minutes away.

The society is also surrounded by some leading universities, which includes some notable names, such as GIFT University, University of Sargodha (Gujranwala Campus), and Virtual University of Pakistan. The universities are just 25 to 35 minutes away from Citi Housing Society.

Banks near Citi Housing Society Gujranwala

Banks have become an integral part of our lives and having them close to your residence introduces convenience and safety in your banking transaction. As such, United Bank Limited and Allied Bank Limited are just 5 minutes’ drive away while the Bank of Punjab is only 7 minutes away from Citi Housing Society. Also, HBL and 0National Bank of Pakistan are reachable within 12 minutes’ drive from the society.

Electricity Backup

Citi Housing Society has 24/7 power generation facility to ensure that residents never have to face power shortfalls and interruptions.

Clinics and Hospitals in and near Citi Housing Society Gujranwala

The developers of Citi Housing Society have paid particular attention to providing medical facilities within the boundary of Citi Housing Society, Gujranwala. The society features Citi Medicare Hospital for the ease of residents so they can get immediate medical attention in case of any emergencies. Moreover, the hospital is equipped with all the modern equipment and supervised by qualified staff.

Besides, some hospitals are located near the Society as well. You can reach Winner Health Care in around 12 minutes, while Allama Iqbal Memorial Trust Hospital is 14 minutes away and Rathore Eye Hospital and Medical Complex is 23 minutes away from the community.


Sales Price Trends in Citi Housing Society Gujranwala

The sales price trends given below are collected from zameen.com, and they are meant to help investors and buyers make an informed decision when it comes to investing in the society or buying a property for personal use. Please note that the sales price trends are subject to change with time.

Houses for Sale in Citi Housing Society Gujranwala

You can buy houses in Citi Housing Society Gujranwala according to your area requirements. The society features 5 marla, 10 marla, and 1 kanal houses available on either a cash payment or easy instalments. If you want to purchase a 5 marla house then keep a price range of PKR 85 lakh to PKR 1.1 crore in mind. Keep a budget of around PKR 1.7 crore to PKR 1.9 crore to buy a 10 marla house in the society, and if you want to know the sale price of 1 kanal house in the Citi Housing Society, then keep a price range of PKR 3.25 crore to PKR 3.75 crore in mind.

Plots for Sale in Citi Housing Society Gujranwala

The price of 5 marla residential plots in Citi Housing Society, Gujranwala, could be anywhere from PKR 17 lakh to PKR 35 lakh, while price of residential plots of 10 marla can cost somewhere around PKR 48 lakh to PKR 90 lakh. And if you are looking to get a 1 kanal residential plot in Phase 2 of the society, then you will need a budget of PKR 95 lakh to PKR 1.65 crore.

Rent Price Trends in Citi Housing Society Gujranwala

Zameen.com is always ready to serve your needs of renting a suitable property for you. There are several properties, which you can rent according to your preferred area in Citi Housing Society, Gujranwala.

Houses for Rent in Citi Housing Society Gujranwala

The rent for 5 marla house in Citi Housing Society, Gujranwala, is around PKR 30 to PKR 35 thousand per month. The monthly rental cost for a 10 marla house in the society is from PKR 55 thousand to PKR 65 thousand, and if you want to rent a 1 kanal house in society, then the prices start at PKR 90 thousand, going up to PKR 1.25 lakh per month.

Commercial Properties

Citi Housing Society, Gujranwala offers 5 marla commercial properties on rent and ownership. The price of 5 marla commercial property on purchase basis in Citi Housing Society, Gujranwala starts at PKR 95 lakh, which can go as high as PKR 1.5 crore, while the rent for a 5 marla commercial property in the society begins at PKR 40 thousand. A number of commercial plots are also available for sale.



Malls in and near Citi Housing Society Gujranwala

Citi Housing Society, Gujranwala has a mini shopping mart for its residents called Citi Shopping MART. The mart is popular among the people living in the society, as they don’t have to head outwards for buying products for everyday use.

However, there are several malls near Citi Housing Society Gujranwala, such as Prince Shopping Centre where you can reach in just 14 minutes. You can also easily reach Haider Shopping Mall in 12 minutes, which is also a popular shopping venue in Eminabad, Gujranwala.

Restaurants And Bakeries in and near Citi Housing Society Gujranwala

Citi Housing Society, Gujranwala is home to China Citi Restaurant, which is not only a favourite of residents but is also famous in the nearby locality.

As for more dining-out options, there are quite a few eateries located near Citi Housing Society, which include:

  • Take Awayz, just 4 minutes’ drive away
  • Turkish Shwarma and Burger Point, only 7 minutes’ drive away
  • King Pizza, also only 7 minutes’ drive away

Similarly, there is a bakery located inside the society known as City Bakers in Phase 1. Moreover, some bakeries near Citi Housing Society Gujranwala include Shelton Bakers and Sweets and Gourmet Bakers in More Eminabad. Both these bakeries are just 7 to 14 minutes’ drive away from Citi Housing Society in Gujranwala.


Zoo in Citi Housing Society Gujranwala

Citi Zoo in the society is an excellent source of amusement for residents. It includes a long list of wildlife and is an excellent place for families to spend quality time.

Parks in Citi Housing Society Gujranwala

The society is known for its beautiful parks and horticulture. Citi Dream Park in Phase 2 of the community is always worth a visit, while City Housing Scheme Park near the society is a treat for visitors. Moreover, there are multiple parks near Citi Housing Society Gujranwala in different phases, and each one is just 3 to 6 minutes’ drive away from the main society.

Sports Facilities and Fitness Centres in Citi Housing Society Gujranwala

There is a gym and fitness centre in the Citi Housing Society has all the latest exercising equipment, and the facility is available to both male and female residents.

Cinema in Citi Housing Society Gujranwala

A cinema named Opera Cinema in already operational in Citi Housing Society and is known to feature modern entertainment facilities for not just the residents but all the people living in Gujranwala.

Beauty Salons and Spas in Citi Housing Society Gujranwala

A beauty parlour named Parlour Citi is located inside the society and employs experienced beauticians to provide satisfactory services to its patrons. The parlour has already made a name for itself with not just the residents, but people from far away also visit it for their beauty, make-up, and skin care needs. It’s an entirely up-to-date beauty salon in Citi Housing Society, Gujranwala.


Citi Housing Society, Gujranwala has been developed to provide a luxurious standard of living to the people of Gujranwala. All the phases are entirely developed, and due to the project’s popularity, Phase 1 of the society is already sold out. Residents of Citi Housing Society, Gujranwala have been provided all the facilities of life conveniently and affordably. The properties are all set for buyers to move in and start living. Also, the society appears to be a good bet for investors looking for a safe investment with the potential of good returns.

Are you looking to rent or buy property in Citi Housing Society Gujranwala?


Importance of Citi Housing Society Gujranwala Lahore from major locations nearby

  • The airport can be reached within 1 hour and 25 minutes via Sialkot Bypass
  • Real Taste Restaurant can be reached in 9 minutes, and Marian Hotel can be reached in 12 minutes.
  • Citi Housing Bridge is 3 minutes’ drive away, Railway Underpass is 22 minutes’ drive away, and Ghummanwala Bridge is 34 minutes’ drive away
  • King’s Mall is only 16 minutes’ drive away from the society

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