Defence Housing Authority (DHA) is a “nationally recognized” organization of Lahore, which is categorized among the highly sought-after societies in the city. Initially, the project was reserved for serving and retired army personnel and their families, but later civilians were also allowed to buy properties here.

DHA is regarded as one of the pioneers of world-class housing projects in the country that offers a luxurious lifestyle, urban infrastructure and top-notch amenities, right in the heart of Lahore.

The community is famous for its upscale markets and international food chains. Furthermore, one of the top and most prominent educational institutes in the city, “Lahore University of Management Sciences (LUMS),” is situated in DHA Phase 3. It is an internationally recognized university of Pakistan that adds more value to the project, especially property prices in Phase 3. In addition, Allama Iqbal International Airport and Lahore Ring Road (orbital highway) are in the vicinity of DHA Lahore. The airport is around 23 minutes away from DHA Phase 3, 16 minutes away from Phase 5 and 6 and 18 minutes from Phase 1, through Ghazi Road and Airport Road. 

Renowned areas of Lahore to buy property
Popular localities of Lahore to buy property

Furthermore, DHA is ranked number one on Zameen.com, as the most searched areas of Lahore for buying properties. Another big factor that adds to the reputation of DHA is that its management is run by the army, therefore, it is also one of the most secure housing projects in the city.

History of Development

DHA was formerly established as Lahore Cantt Cooperative Housing Society (LCCHS) in the 1970s. This society was overseen by a Management Committee (MC) of 11 to 15 members. In the 1980s, a by-law was passed, according to which army officers were given the authority in a general meeting to elect members for MC and make policies. Some of the members challenged this and filed a case in High Court. However, in the 1990s, High Court transferred the authority of MC to Commander Lahore Corps. LCCHS was then changed to Defence Housing Authority, first, via a provincial ordinance and then through federal order in the late 2000s.

Planning and Development

DHA Lahore is divided into phases and each phase is further sub-divided into blocks. The blocks are further divided as per the area size of plots. There are approximately 11 phases, of which Phases 1 to 5 are fully developed and populated, whereas, Phases 6, 7, 8, 9, 11 and 12 are under development, as of January 2019. Owners have been given possession of DHA Lahore residential plots in Phases 6 and 7, and commercial plots in Phase 8 are now available for possession as well. There are dedicated commercial areas in each phase, in order to facilitate the community more effectively.

The infrastructure found in DHA Phases 1 to 4 is a bit outdated, for instance, these phases have narrow streets and roads, the electrical wires are not underground and these blocks do not have separate mosques. In stark contrast, the roads of DHA Phases 5 to 7 are approximately 60 feet broad, have underground electrical wiring and separate mosques are built in each block. DHA Phases 6 and 7, as mentioned above, are in the development phase, hence there are a number of plots for sale, available at reasonable rates. As soon as the construction work in these phases is completed and people start moving in, the prices are expected to rise, according to real estate experts.


  • Effective and advanced security systems
  • Efficient security guards, Punjab Police and Rescue Team, active 24/7
  • A NADRA executive centre is also established in DHA Lahore Phase 4
  • Several sports facilities and clubs within the community
  • Inter-community sports competition and events are held on different occasions
  • Numerous options for leisure and entertainment in the vicinity



Public Transport in DHA Lahore

DHA is a well-planned and well-managed area of Lahore and, therefore, the roads within the society are smooth, maintained and developed perfectly. Initially, residents were not provided access to public transport within DHA, considering they can easily manage travelling via their personal conveyance. However, people had to take a taxi or a bus from nearby areas of DHA. Since cab-hailing services have been launched, travelling to and from DHA has become hassle-free, as well as affordable, as these rides can be booked at any time of the day. At present, there are a number of commute options for residents and others in DHA Lahore. Also, people within the locality, have easy access to many buses for different routes all over the city. The management has set up several bus stops at different locations across DHA, few of them are Bilal Store Bus Stop, Defence Chowk, Masjid Chowk Bus Stop, Y Block Market Bus Stop, LESCO Bus Stop, Chota Ishara Bus Stop, Ghazi Chowk Bus Stop, AA Bus Stop, Naqa Bus Stop, Total Pump Stop and Charar Pind Bus Stop.

bus stop in dha lahore
One of the bus stops in the neighbourhood

The buses arrive after every 15 minutes, so people don’t have to wait for long at their respective bus stops. However, it has been observed people here prefer rickshaws, which are easily available within the society, to buses for daily commutes. Daewoo Bus Service was also inaugurated in DHA Lahore in 2015. The buses are environment-friendly and air-conditioned with free Wi-Fi facility. Daewoo launched its bus terminal in DHA that connects the area to other cities via bus routes, for example, Lahore to Islamabad and others. Later, Daewoo launched its local bus service that operates within the locality on the streets of main areas, for instance, if you want to travel from Y-block to H-block, then you can use this service. The Daewoo bus stops in DHA Lahore are:

  • Daewoo Bus Stop DHA Phase 1, Sector L, Gol Chakkar Bus Stop,
  • Daewoo Bus Stop DHA Phase 2, U block bus stop
  • Daewoo Bus Stop Lalik Jan Stop

Also, in 2015, Daewoo launched its bus service to and from DHA to City railway station. This service facilitates people to reach either of the destinations conveniently.

Markets in DHA Lahore

one of the market blocks in dha
One of the many markets in the DHA community

As DHA Lahore offers tons of facilities to its residents for their convenience, you shall find numerous markets and individual shops in the area. From high-fashion to local brands, you can find them all. The Y-block and H-block markets in DHA are the most popular. The Y-block market has the city’s first tattoo shop, i.e. Pitch Black Ink Tattoo & Piercing Studio. Apart from this, residents have access to a swimming pool, gym, sports club and many other such facilities in this block. Moreover, there are small markets in T-block that host several cafes and salons, a swimming pool and a display centre for spa equipment. Some of the other markets and shops in DHA are Sector A Market, C Block Market, W Block market, F Block market, CC Sector Market, Naturals (grocery store), PC Dry Clean and laundry franchise Shop, Jalal Sons (Supermarket), English Book Store, Fresh Mutton and Beef Shop, The Entertainer (toy store), Europa Supermarket, Vegetable Market, The Organic Shop, Esajee’s, Haryali Store, DHA Consumer Market, Yogurt Shop and the list continues.

Mosques in DHA Lahore

Mosque in DHA Lahore
A grand mosque in DHA Lahore

Residents of DHA, as well as people working in the vicinity, have easy access to mosques. In order to offer prayers conveniently on time, DHA has built mosques in its different phases and blocks. Mosques are found in Sectors A, B and C, Phase 5, Block A and V, AA Grand Mosque and Grand Mosque in Phase 2.

Schools, Colleges And Universities in DHA Lahore

Being one of the top housing projects of Lahore, DHA is home to some of the best educational institutes that are providing international standards of education at every level. The famous schools in DHA Lahore are The City School, FWS and Roots Millennium School, Defence Public School, Allied School, Lahore Model School, Roots IVY International School, Scarsdale International School and Lahore Grammar School.

beaconhouse school in dha
Beaconhouse School's campus in DHA

The colleges and universities in DHA Lahore that are recognized locally and internationally are DDC (Defence Degree College) for Boys and Girls, The Millennium University College, Ibn-e-Sina College, TAC School System Lahore, Unique Computer College, Lahore University of Management Sciences (LUMS) and Suleman Dawood School of Business within LUMS, Lahore Garrison University, Center for Professional Development (CPD) and Bridge Academy. There are various other educational institutes in DHA Lahore where local residents and people from other localities enrol as per their interest and niche.

Banks in DHA Lahore

DHA Lahore has facilitated its residents by allowing nearly all the major banks of the country to open their branches within the project in different phases. The banks operating in DHA are Muslim Commercial Bank (MCB) that has at least four branches in DHA Phase 6, 5, 2 and 1, United Bank Limited (UBL) in DHA Phase 3, Askari Bank has three branches, one in DHA Phase 2 and the other two in Sector Y and Sector Z of DHA Phase 3.

Summit Bank has its branches in Sector A and B of DHA Phase 6, 1 and 3 , Bank Al Habib’s two branches are in DHA Phase 6 and one in Phase 5, 3 and 1. The Al Baraka Bank has its branches located in DHA Phase 6, 2 and 1. The Silk Bank is in DHA Phase 6 and 3, Sindh Bank has its branches in DHA Phase 6, 5 and 3, Soneri Bank has two branches in Sectors A and H of DHA Phase 6 and one branch in Phase 3.

Habib Metro Bank’s branches are in DHA Phases 4, 5 and 6, the branches of JS Bank are in Phases 2,3, and 6. The Bank of Punjab is in Phases 1, 2 and 3, Bank Alfalah ISLAMIC is in Phases 6 and 1, whereas, the conventional Bank Alfalah branches are located in Phases 2,3 and 4. Faysal Bank has two branches in Phase 6, one is on Bedian Road and the other is on Avenue 4,  one branch is in Phase 1, 3 and 5. Dubai Islamic Bank’s branches are situated in DHA Phase 6, 5, 4 and 1, Apna Microfinance Bank is in DHA Phase 4 and Finca Microfinance Bank is in DHA Phase 3.

Electricity Backup

Initially, DHA Lahore did not have an electricity backup plan. As the population has increased over the years and more residential and commercial projects are being launched, the DHA management decided to set up its own grid stations. The plan is to set up 21 grid stations, of which four are waiting for approval, six are in progress and one 132KV grid station is active. The functional grid station provides consistent electricity supply to DHA Phases 6 and 7.

Clinics and Hospitals in DHA Lahore

Aadil hospital in DHA
Aadil Hospital is within the vicinity

DHA Lahore has set up a large number of healthcare facilities to cater for people with various health issues. The hospitals and clinics here are well-equipped with state-of-the-art equipment and medical facilities. The doctors and medical staff are highly qualified and trained in their respective genre. Among many medical facilities, some of the clinics and hospitals in DHA Lahore are Pakistan Kidney And Liver Institute And Research Centre in DHA Phase 6, National Hospital and Medical Centre in DHA Phase 1, Lahore Health Care, DHA Medical Centre & Dialysis Centre, Diabetes Wellness Centre and Defence Dental Care in DHA Phase 3, Defence Skin, Laser and Cosmetology Clinic in DHA Phase 2, Kids Plus Clinic in DHA Phase 4, Fauji Hospital in DHA Phase 1 and others.


Sales Price Trends in DHA Lahore

DHA Lahore is a well-planned, gated community that features a plethora of facilities. DHA Lahore property prices are subject to change and details are discussed below:

Houses for Sale in DHA Lahore

There are 5, 7, 8, 10 marla and 1, 2 kanal single storey and double storey DHA houses for sale. These are standard sizes that owners in all phases of DHA, can hold. The houses for sale in DHA Lahore have spacious rooms, attached baths, tile flooring, international quality fittings and fixtures, robust infrastructure, proper parking spaces, depending on the overall area size of houses.

Prices of houses in DHA Lahore largely depend on the type of locality of a unit. For example, if there are shops and grocery stores nearby, a house will be expensive. A 5 marla house in DHA Lahore has a starting price of PKR 55 lakh that goes up to PKR 2.7 crore. The prices of 7 marla houses in DHA Lahore range from PKR 1.3 crore to PKR 2.6 crore. A single storey 8 marla house has a price of PKR 1.1 crore. Prices also depend on the number of storeys and rooms, so the rates range between PKR 1.1 crore and PKR 2.6 crore. 1 kanal houses in DHA are available for sale within the range of PKR 1.32 crore to PKR 38.5 crore and 2 kanal houses have a price range between PKR 3.5 crore and PKR 2 arab approximately.

Plots for Sale in DHA Lahore

The residential plots in DHA Lahore are of sizes 5 marla, 7, 8, 10 marla as well as 1 kanal and 2 kanal. Potential buyers can either make a full cash payment or in easy instalments, depending on the deal struck with sellers. Also, plot owners, who are planning to build a house, will have to follow construction by-laws that are pre-defined by the management of DHA.

Properties in DHA Lahore are not only ideal for a personal residence but are also profitable from the perspective of investment as well. The prices of 5 marla plots fall between PKR 4 lakh and PKR 1.33 crore. 7 marla plots have rates between PKR 58 lakh and PKR 1.75 crore; 8 marla plots ranges between PKR 46 lakh and PKR 1.75 crore. The price index for a land of 1 kanal is PKR 7.6 lakh, which can go up to PKR 32 crore. 2 kanal plots are available for sale between PKR 51.5 lakh and PKR 18 Crore.

Flats for Sale in DHA Lahore

There are many apartments in DHA Lahore that are available for sale. The developing projects here are Air Avenue Luxury Apartments, Goldcrest Mall & Residency and several others. Those planning to buy a luxurious 1-bed, 2-bed or 3-bed flat in DHA can opt for Goldcrest Mall & Residency. The residential flats available in this project can be found on fifth to fourteenth floors, comprising of studio apartments, Suite A 3-bedroom of 1771 square feet, Suite B 2-bedroom of 1600 square feet, Suite C 1-bed flat of 1001 square feet, Suite E 1-bedroom of 632 square feet, Suited Maisonette Lower 1-bed of 1134 square feet and Suited Maisonette Upper 2-bed, 1134 square feet. Also, for buying 2-bed and 3-bed apartments in DHA Lahore, the Air Avenue Luxury Apartments are considered ideal. This earthquake-resistant project offers 2-bed flats, along with attached baths, gallery, kitchen and a lounge. Its 3-bed flats have an additional duct, powder room and an entrance lobby. The area of flats in this project ranges between 900 square feet and 2250 square feet.

The asking price of a 1-bedroom flat in DHA Lahore is between PKR 45 lakh and PKR 1.8 crore. There is a huge difference in sales price because each 1-bed flat is constructed on different area sizes and has a different model. For instance, PKR 45 lakh is the minimum price of a 553 square feet flat and PKR 1.8 crore is of an 800 square feet 1-bed apartment. A 2-bed flat has a price range between PKR 68 lakh and PKR 3.57 crore and 3-bed apartments have an asking price between PKR 1.3 crore and PKR 5.12 crore. The prices of flats in DHA Lahore vary according to the locality, the number of rooms, flooring, furnishing, fittings and area sizes of a unit.

Rent Price Trends in DHA Lahore

The rental rates of houses and flats are discussed in details below:

Houses for Rent in DHA Lahore

The rental houses in DHA Lahore have different rates, even for same area sizes. This is because some houses are offered either fully-furnished or semi-furnished. Also, houses of the same area sometimes differ in rates, based on the number of rooms. For example, the minimum rent for a 5 marla house, usually an unfurnished, double-storey unit on the main road, is PKR 22,000. The maximum rent for the same area, typically a furnished 4-bed unit in an expensive phase, is PKR 95,000. Locality, number of rooms, interior and exterior — all influence the rental rate. The lowest rate for leasing a 10 marla house is PKR 25,000 and the highest is PKR 7.3 lakh of a furnished double-storey house. The rates for renting 1 kanal houses in DHA is between PKR 40,000 and PKR 1.4 crore.

Flats for Rent in DHA Lahore

If you are considering to get a 1-bed, 2-bed or 3-bed flat for rent in DHA Lahore, then you can easily find a unit that fits your requirements and budget. The rental rate varies for luxury, furnished and unfurnished apartments. DHA Defence ranks first, according to Zameen's January 2019 data trends, for buying flats in Lahore. 

The rent for a 1-bed apartment in DHA starts from PKR 12,000, located on the main boulevard, whereas, a fully furnished, well maintained 1-bed flat is rented for PKR 95,000. The rent of 2-bed flat can be anywhere between PKR 12,000 and PKR 70,000. 3-bedroom apartments have a rental range from PKR 32,000 to PKR 65,000.

Commercial Properties

The commercial properties in DHA Lahore are available for sale on standard area sizes. Potential buyers can purchase commercial plots in DHA Lahore of sizes 2 marla, 4, 8 and 32 marla only and can build structures like shops, offices, buildings, etc. as per the set standards and by-laws of construction. As it is one of the top-notch housing areas in the city, many business owners seek shops and commercial buildings for rent in DHA Lahore. Moreover, a majority of the companies and businesses are also interested in buying buildings and offices in DHA Lahore to establish their setup in this prime location, so that their employees, clients and other relevant people can reach here, without any hassle.

Most Popular Phases in DHA Lahore

Popular phases to rent property in DHA Lahore
DHA Phase 5 is the most popular choice when it comes to renting property

Phase 5 is one of the popular phases of DHA Lahore for renting properties, as seen on Zameen. Also, Lahore University of Management Sciences (LUMS) in DHA Phase 3 is just 5 minutes' drive away from Phase 5. LUMS is listed among the top educational institutes of Pakistan that have received global recognition. People from across Pakistan come to Lahore to study at LUMS and attain a quality education. This could be one of the reasons that people, especially students seek properties for rent in DHA Phase 5. The minimum rent of one room in DHA Phase 5 starts from PKR 10, 000.

The market in DHA Lahore Phase 3, Y-block is renowned for having the best shops that stock all sorts of local and international brands’ products. One can easily get daily use products, clothing, baby products, pieces of jewellery, accessories and various other stuff. Furthermore, the top eateries are found particularly in this block.  

famous phases to buy property in DHA Lahore
Phase 6 of DHA Lahore is the most popular among property buyers

DHA Phase 6 has its own importance, as intercity Daewoo Terminal is located here. Residents can easily travel to and from certain intercity spots via Daewoo buses. Also, Phase 6 is ranked number one for buying properties in DHA Lahore. 



Malls in DHA Lahore

DHA Lahore has made sure its residents do not have to travel to other parts of the city to shop for brands or grocery items. There are shopping malls in DHA where you can find everything — international and local brands that include clothing for men, women and children, accessories, stationery, gift items, jewellery, footwear, cosmetics, etc. Some of the famous malls, stores and shopping centres are AR Plaza, ENEM Store, which is not a mall but stocks many international brands under one roof, NEXT, an international brand’s store, Europa Shopping Mall, Defence Shopping Mall, Jawwad Centre, Fashion Collection, Reborn Fashion and Clothing Call.

Restaurants And Bakeries in DHA Lahore

There are many bakeries and restaurants in DHA Lahore and residents here don’t have to go outside the society to buy scrumptious food and bakery items.

restaurants in DHA Lahore
Eateries serving the best Chinese, Japanese, Pakistani, Continental and Grilled food in DHA Lahore

To have exotic Chinese and Japanese cuisine, residents can visit Wasabi, Yum Chinese and Thai, Mandarin Kitchen, Sumo, X2 Pan Asian in DHA Phase 3 and Gaia’s Japanese Fusion in DHA Phase 5. To enjoy a scrumptious and juicy steak, residents can opt for Bovinoes, which is located in DHA Phase 4, Cock and Bull in DHA Phase 1 and Ole Lahore in DHA Phase 3. Also, for desi taste buds, there are numerous eateries that offer mouth-watering Pakistani dishes. For example, some of the famous restaurants in DHA Lahore that serve desi food are Bundu Khan in Phase 3, Dogar Restaurant has four branches in Phase 1, 3,4 and 5, Bar.B.Q Tonight in Phase 3, Dumpukht Kada in DHA Phase 1 and various others. For grill food lovers, there are some really good options in DHA Lahore that include Gourmet Grill in Phase 4 and Nando’s in Phase 3. There are also a number of fast food restaurants in DHA such as KFC, McDonald’s, Optp, Outpost BYOB (Build Your Own Burger), Burger King, The Shack, Johnny and Jugnu, Hardee’s and Burger Lab.

bundu khan bakery in dha lahore
Bundu Khan is a well-known bakeshop located in close proximity to residents of DHA

Residents in DHA Lahore, for the love of delectable desserts and bakery items, opt for Entourage in Phase 3, which is a French bakery and all items are prepared exclusively by French chefs. There are a number of other options as well such as Sweet Affairs in Phase 5, The Sweet Tooth in Phase 2, Masoom’s Pancake Lounge in Phase 4 and La-Patisserie, Espresso, Gloria Jean’s, Jalal Sons and Cakes & Bakes in Phase 3.


sheeba park in dha lahore
Sheeba Park provides a serene environment for both children and adults

The management of DHA Lahore has taken into consideration the importance of outdoor activities and entertainment in a person’s daily routine. Hence, the locality has a variety of facilities such as fitness centres, salons and spas, parks, cinema, playgrounds, a sports academy, clubs as well as playlands for children. There is only one cinema within the locality, i.e. DHA Cinema in Phase 2. However, you can find more theatres in nearby areas.

Sports Facilities and Fitness Centres in DHA Lahore

DHA Lahore has established an academy for sports, especially cricket, to encourage healthy activities among its residents. The facility also provides training in other sports, for example, tennis, rugby, skating, basketball and judo karate. It hosts competitions as well.  The names of popular sports facilities, gyms and fitness centres in DHA Lahore are DHA Sport Complex in Phase 3, DHA Swimming Pool & Gym Complex, Fitness Planet, FitnessPro Studio, AimFit Fitness Studios, ACTIVFIT, Shapes, Structure Health and Fitness, Defence Club, Swimming Pool, Defence Raya Golf Club, DHA Rugby Club Wild Bears, Club X Snooker, Hockey Ground, Rugby/Football Ground, DHA Cricket Academy, Sector: G, Sports Complex in Phase 5, Swimming Pool within D.H.A Sports Complex in Phase 5 and Ijaz Ahmed DHA Cricket Academy.

Parks and Clubs in DHA Lahore

There are a number of parks in DHA Lahore, one almost in each phase. The parks here are well-maintained that provide a fresh environment to the residents. There is Sheeba Park, Flora Park, AA Mini Park, CC Park and various others. Furthermore, other facilities in DHA Lahore are the three clubs: The Defence Club J-Sector (Phase-I), Defence Club R-Sector (Phase-II) and The Defence Club FF-Sector (Phase-IV). The club facilities for residents include sports, restaurants, community halls, a library, guest rooms and a banquet hall. There is also a Defence Public Library in the area.

Salons and Spas in DHA Lahore

A salon and spa in DHA
One of the many spas and salons in close proximity to those living in DHA

Residents of DHA Lahore can relax at a number of salons and spas. Almost all the salons in DHA Lahore are well-equipped, have trained staff and use international-quality products. Not only the residents of DHA but also people from nearby areas visit the salons and spas, situated here. The famous names that are worth mentioning here are:

  • Toni&Guy
  • Sahar’s Salon
  • Uzma’s Bridal Salon
  • Amina Z. Salon and Makeup Studio
  • Depilex Beauty Clinic and Institute
  • Madeehas Bridal Salon and Studio
  • Salt Cave Spa
  • Nirvana Day Spa and Salon
  • Arammish Spa


There are various other attractions and recreational activities within DHA Lahore and in nearby areas. Residents here can enjoy their time at The Defence Raya Golf Resort, which is located in Sector M DHA Phase 6, visit Passion Art Gallery, Sumi’s House (museum) and go for gaming at The Matrix Lounge Gaming Zone, Gamers Revolution, Big Town Gaming Zone and Portal-Premium Gaming Experience. Residents here can take their kids to Robokids, located in DHA Phase 4 Sector FF. Also, residents can visit a family entertainment and amusement park, called X Park, which is 6 km away from DHA 5 Bedian Road. For other attractions and recreational activities near DHA Lahore, residents will have to drive a few kilometres. For instance, at a drive of 21 minutes from DHA through Lahore Ring Road, Shalimar Bagh can be reached easily. Mini Zoo in Gulberg can be reached after a drive of 24 minutes through Khayaban-e-Jinnah. The Theme Park in Aziz Bhatti Town and Moscow Water Park in Kamahan Village can be reached within 15 minutes if you take your route through Lahore Ring Road from DHA. Moreover, the adventurous Battlefield Paintball at Defence Road is located at a drive of 10 minutes from DHA Lahore, if you take the route of Lahore Ring Road.


Property in DHA has significant investment value. It’s understandable since the rental rates of properties in DHA Lahore, as well as prices of flats, houses and plots, are very high. There are strict by-laws for the construction of houses in DHA Lahore and it also limits the number of people living in a particular phase, so as to avoid overpopulation. As per the by-laws, the division of plots is not allowed, for example, a 1 kanal plot cannot be subdivided and sold to different buyers. Also, there are pre-defined, standard sizes and lengths of structures, especially when it comes to houses.
In addition, the management of DHA is planning to upgrade parks, schools, commercial areas, mosques and other amenities in the older phases, as per the latest standards. There are some newer phases, though, which also lack facilities like mosques and schools.

Are you looking to rent or buy property in DHA Lahore?


Importance of DHA Lahore from major locations nearby

  • DHA Lahore has two major localities nearby i.e. Lahore Cantonment (Lahore Cantt) and Gulberg
  • Cantt has the headquarters of 4 Corps in the vicinity and also, Pakistan Army’s 10th and 11th divisions
  • DHA Lahore is also near the famous Fortress Stadium, which is located in Cantt
  • The Allama Iqbal International Airport in Cantt is just 15 minutes drives away from DHA Lahore
  • Lahore Cantonment Railway Station can easily be reached at a drive of approximately 23 minutes from DHA Lahore
  • Gulberg is at the city’s prime and busiest location and is a vital commercial area in the neighborhood of DHA
  • A number of famous colleges, restaurants, parks, sports complexes, commercial centres and business centres are in Gulberg and residents of DHA Lahore have easy access to all these amenities

Commute time to these locations

  • The commute time from DHA Lahore to Lahore Cantonment  is approximately 10 minutes, if you take the route through Bedian Road
  • Gulberg Lahore can be reached after driving approximately 20-25 minutes from DHA Lahore

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