Park Avenue Housing Scheme Lahore Area Guide

The Park Avenue Housing Society is one of the City Housing Projects that has done an excellent job of marketing itself. The project is located in the most desirable neighbourhood on the map and is only 2.5 kilometres away from Kot Araian on Jai Bagga Road in Lahore. It features a variety of commercial and residential plots of varying sizes.

Park Avenue Housing Scheme is a commercial and residential housing society that is fully approved by the LDA. Park Avenue offers a green society with 25% forest coverage and the largest private Miyawaki forest in the world, in keeping with its excellent commitment to the well-being of its residents. The developers have provided the most competitive prices with a tempting payment schedule.

Park Avenue Housing Society Payment Plan

Park Avenue Housing Scheme is presenting a flexible payment plan for commercial and residential plots because paying monthly payments are easier for potential purchasers and investors. Investing in the Park Avenue Housing Scheme is a great choice if you want to build your home within the next two to three years. You must pay 20% of the plot's total cost as a down payment and 33-monthly instalments to reserve a plot at PAHS.

Overseas Pakistanis may take advantage of amazing and diverse bargains in Park Avenue Housing Scheme Lahore, with only 25% land ownership right away and the ability to begin building immediately.

Park Avenue Housing Society Residential Plots Price

Purchasing a residential plot would be extremely advantageous since you may take ownership of the plot after making a partial payment of the whole price. You may begin building your ideal house after paying a 50% deposit. The price schedule for residential plots is as follows:

5 Marla

  • Booking Price: PKR 3,000,000
  • Down Payment: PKR 600,000
  • 33-Monthly Instalments: PKR 37,500
  • 3 Years Balloon Payment: PKR 187,500
  • At Ballot 20%: PKR 600,000

8 Marla

  • Booking Price: PKR 4,400,000
  • Down Payment: PKR 880,000
  • 33-Monthly Instalments: PKR 55,000
  • 3 Years Balloon Payment: PKR 275,000
  • At Ballot 20%: PKR 880,000

10 Marla

  • Booking Price: PKR 5,000,000
  • Down Payment: PKR 1,000,000
  • 33-Monthly Instalments: PKR 60,000
  • 3 Years Balloon Payment: PKR 340,000
  • At Ballot 20%: PKR 1,000,000

1 Kanal

  • Booking Price: PKR 10,000,000
  • Down Payment: PKR 2,000,000
  • 33-Monthly Instalments: PKR 125,000
  • 3 Years Baloon Payment: PKR 625,000
  • At Ballot 20%: PKR 2,000,000

Park Avenue Housing Society Commercial Plots Price

Regarding commercial land, PAHS is selling constructed 5 Marla plots on Main Boulevards that are 100 feet wide. The stores and commercial spaces may be reserved with a 20% down payment, with the remaining amount payable in 4 years. Following is the pricing plan for commercial plots:

5 Marla

  • Processing Fee: PKR 5000
  • Down Payment: PKR 2,400,000
  • 44-Monthly Instalment: PKR 125,000
  • 4-yearly Balloon Payment: PKR 425,000
  • Payment on Possession: PKR 2,400,000
  • Total Cost: PKR 12,000,000

Park Avenue Housing Society Location

This project has the most desirable location in Lahore, about 2.5 kilometres from the Ring Road, close to Jia Bagga and Rasool Pura Interchange. The location of the PAHS is an excellent example since it is set far from the noise and bustle of the primary city, yet it is just a short distance from both the Ferozepur Road and the Motorway M2.

Park Avenue Housing Society Plot Finder

Explore the Park Avenue Housing Society map using the Plot Finder tool. You can explore plots and society maps easily with this tool. Just drop the city name and then choose the desired society you are searching for.

Park Avenue Housing Society Access Points

The Ring Road connects Park Avenue Housing Scheme Lahore to Zaitoon Lifestyle and the rest of the city. It lies in the heart of several housing complexes and borders LDA City on the north and Lake City on the west. You can easily access the society via following routes:

  • A 2-minute drive from Ring Road Halloki Interchange
  • A 15-minute drive from Allama Iqbal International Airport

Park Avenue Housing Society Nearby Societies

Park Avenue is one of the most conveniently situated communities on the outskirts of Lahore as a result of the well-established societies located in its immediate neighbourhood. following are the nearby societies of the Park Avenue Housing Scheme:

Park Avenue Housing Society Owners & Developers

The Park Avenue Housing Society is developed by Musa Builders & Developers Group. The business is quite distinctive and is dedicated to adhering to its objective despite the country's main urban centres' skyrocketing land prices.

Musa Builders take great pleasure in being the courageous forerunners in ending the unethical and dishonest methods of developers by offering a novel and audacious system of granting direct ownership of the plots. They have the following ongoing successful projects:

  • The Chakwal Road Project
  • GT Road Project
  • New Sukho Project
  • Naseer Abad Commercial Project

Park Avenue Housing Society NOC & Permission

The customer's top priorities in real estate investment are security and growth potential; to value these qualities consistently. Park Avenue Housing Society has received Lahore Development Authority (LDA) permission and has been assigned the following NOC number: DMP 11-5920

PAHS is the only project in Lahore with complete land ownership. It has emerged as one of the safest and most lucrative options for Lahore real estate investment.

Park Avenue Housing Society Masterplan

The PAHS project offers outstanding characteristics with modern living accommodations in a safe neighbourhood. You may live the life of your dreams in Park Avenue Lahore, surrounded by lush greenery, highly developed infrastructure, and all the necessities of life, such as schools, community health centres, hospitals, power plants, water supplies, playgrounds for children, mosques, and a host of other impressive amenities.

The society's specially defined space for commercial properties and development around the 150-foot Main Boulevard is one of its most practical characteristics. For a clear power supply, an underground wiring system has been established. A 40-Kanal centre park has also been included in society to maintain the highest level of environmental sensitivity.

Park Avenue Housing Society Residential Plots

Park Avenue residential project in Lahore provides all of the essential and updated amenities, allowing you to live an opulent life with a mix of cutting-edge conveniences. It has 3 blocks including

  • Block A
  • Block B
  • Block C

The number of residential plots (and sizes) is the same in each block. Interested buyers can buy any of the following Residential Plots:

  • 5 Marla
  • 8 Marla
  • 10 Marla
  • 1 Kanal

Park Avenue Housing Society Commercial Plots

Finding a business property that offers substantial returns in the near term and can be paid for in instalments is an exceptional circumstance in the context of the purchase of a commercial property. Commercial properties in PAHS are offered on 150' ft Main Boulevard for four-year payments. There are 5 Marla commercial plots for sale in the community.

Park Avenue Housing Society Booking Procedure

To reserve a plot at Park Avenue Housing Society, fill out a form on their official website. There, you will find information that must be submitted, including your data and details on the type of plot you want.

Amenities and Facilities of Park Avenue Housing Society

People desire to live away from the hustle and bustle of city life. If you want to build your ideal house in Lahore to live in permanently after retirement or as a wedding present for your family, where you can receive all the facilities and conveniences necessary for a luxurious life, Park Avenue Housing Scheme is the way to go (PAHS). PAHS is a wonderful location to live, a successful investment, and will meet all of the residential demands of its future residents.

PAHS will replace lost tree cover in Pakistan in the coming months under the banner of the 'Green Park Avenue Initiative,' as climate change harms human lives in Pakistan. The basic concept of Green Park Avenue Drive is an attempt to lessen the country's rising deforestation rate. The following amenities are currently being offered by the society:

Recreational Parks

The builders intend to include a golf course, pathways, theme parks, and a great deal of energising green space in the community so that residents may have fun and enjoy themselves.

Grand Mosque

To ensure that residents of PAHS can fulfil their religious duties, a grand Jamia Mosque will be constructed in each of the blocks. A large mosque is going to be built in an area that is solely five Kanals in size.


The community has access to all of the community's utilities, including electricity, Sui Gas, and all of the other fundamental amenities. The establishing authorities have also made arrangements for the filtration plant to ensure that the people would have access to clean drinking water. The developers of the project assured that there would be a constant supply of electricity by constructing their power plant.


As part of the overall master plan, the society will have its hospital built for residents which will allow them easy access to medical care. Therefore due to the urgent need, a hospital with 400 beds is under construction currently.. Free medical care will be provided solely to the members of society as well as their families.

Gated Community

Park Avenue Housing Scheme is a gated community that features a high-alert security system to provide its residents with a stress-free living environment.

Educational Institutions:

The University of Lahore (UOL) has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the Society for the construction of a College campus on 26 Kanals. A campus of the Cornerstone School spread over 13 Kanals will also be constructed in the society.

Flats Prices in Park Avenue Housing Scheme

Area Size

Price Range

1007 Square Feet
PKR 68.9 Lakh – 82.9 Lakh
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Plots Prices in Park Avenue Housing Scheme

Area Size

Price Range

3 Marla
PKR 30.9 Lakh – 42 Lakh
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5 Marla
PKR 18.2 Lakh – 60 Lakh
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8 Marla
PKR 75 Lakh – 1.15 Crore
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10 Marla
PKR 40.25 Lakh – 1.35 Crore
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Commercial Plots Prices in Park Avenue Housing Scheme

Area Size

Price Range

5 Marla
PKR 1.2 Crore – 2.25 Crore
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Plot Files Prices in Park Avenue Housing Scheme

Area Size

Price Range

3 Marla
PKR 6.18 Lakh – 6.18 Lakh
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