Safari Garden Lahore Area Guide

Safari Garden Lahore is a new addition to Lahore's beautiful and environment-friendly housing development projects. Safari Garden will provide its residents with upscale facilities at a very reasonable price. Due to the unique blend of contemporary infrastructure and lush greenery, this home development is unique in its domain.

Safari Garden is popular among buyers and investors because of its flexible payment plan and close access to the city's notable attractions, schools, and top hospitals. The development has a secure border wall, controlled entry, several parks, a sewage system, a reliable water supply and most importantly, inexpensive investment opportunities.

Safari Garden Lahore Payment Plan

Safari Garden has earned the title of finest home development project due to its affordability and amenities for its residents. This society provides a flexible payment schedule in addition to being cost-friendly. A plot can be reserved for a down payment of 15% of the entire cost in advance, with the remaining balance due when the plot is taken. The remaining cost will be spread out over 48 months, or 4 years, of instalments.

Safari Garden Lahore Residential Plots Price

For those interested in investing in the Safari Garden Housing Scheme, a breakdown of the payment plan for residential plots in the housing society's Blocks A, B, C, D, and E is given below:

3 Marla

Advance Booking: PKR 220,000
Instalment: PKR 15,000 On Possession: PKR 160,000
Total Price: PKR 1,100,000

4 Marla

Advance Booking: PKR 280,000
Instalment PKR: 20,000
On Possession: PKR 160,000
Total Price: PKR 1,400,000

5 Marla

Advance Booking: PKR 340,000
Instalment: PKR 25,000
On Possession: PKR 160,000
Total Price: PKR 1,700,000

8 Marla

Advance Booking: PKR 540,000
Instalment: PKR 40,000
On Possession: PKR 240,000
Total Price: PKR 2,700,000

10 Marla

Advance Booking: PKR 680,000
Instalment: PKR 50,000
On Possession: PKR 320,000
Total Price: PKR 3,400,000

Safari Garden Lahore Commercial Plots Price

Commercial plots are available in both phases of Safari Garden Lahore. A 10% discount will be offered when paying in full with cash. 25% additional premium for the main boulevard and corner on the 150-foot-wide road. 15% more for using the major boulevard's 150-foot width. 10% Additional premium for corner or park-facing properties on 80- and 60-foot roads. The breakdown of commercial property prices is as follows:

2 Marla

Price Per Marla: PKR 1,250,000 Advance: PKR 500,000 48-Monthly Installment: PKR 35,000
On Possession: PKR 320,000 Total Amount: PKR 2,500,000

3 Marla

Price Per Marla: PKR 1,166,666 Advance: PKR 700,000 48-Monthly Installment: PKR 55,000 On Possession: PKR 160,000 Total Amount: PKR 3,500,000

4 Marla

Price Per Marla: PKR 1,250,000 Advance: PKR 1,000,000 48-Monthly Installment: PKR 75,000
On Possession: PKR 400,000 Total Amount: PKR 5,000,000

8 Marla

Price Per Marla: PKR 1,250,000 Advance: PKR 2,000,000 48-Monthly Installment: PKR 150,000 On Possession: PKR 800,000 Total Amount: PKR 10,000,000

Safari Garden Lahore Location

The developers of Safari Garden Lahore paid special attention to the society's location. This society is situated on Main Raiwind Road, Lahore, along the 4-kilometre Sue-e-Asal Road. The best feature about the location is that it connects two major roadways, Raiwind Road and Ferozepur Road. These two major routes' accessibility makes it easier for residents to move out and about the city.

Safari Garden Lahore Plot Finder

Safari Garden Lahore can easily be located on the map. You can explore the Safari Garden Lahore map with the Plot Finder tool showcasing the available plots, blocks and streets within the housing scheme.

Safari Garden Lahore Access Point

The community benefit from convenient access to the rest of the city because of its renowned location on Raiwind Road. Safari Garden Lahore can easily be reached using the following routes:

  • At 4 km from Ferozpur Road
  • At 10 mins drive from Lahore Ring Road
  • Approximately 5 min drive away from Ladheke Road, Lahore
  • 12 min drive to Raiwind Bypass
  • At 4 mins drive from Central Park Housing Society
  • Approximately 17 mins drive to Kasur – Raiwind Road
  • At 8 min drive from Lahore-Kasur Road

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Safari Garden Lahore Owners & Developers

The chairman of Safari Garden Lahore is Sheikh Amjad whereas Hajveri Builders and Developers a prominent name in the real estate sector of Pakistan, are the masterminds behind the development, construction and design.

The major hospitals in Pakistan and Afghanistan were created by the Hajvairy Group, involving large-scale building projects. PIMS, Sheikh Hospital in F-10, Kidney Center, and Jinnah Hospital are among the prominent projects so far. The organisation made a significant contribution to the reconstruction of Pakistan's earthquake-affected districts. Under their wing, they are working on several well-known projects, including

  • United Plaza, Islamabad
  • National Police Foundation
  • Hajj Complex
  • Spanish Embassy Chancery
  • Spanish Embassy
  • Beverly Center Jinnah Avenue

Safari Garden Lahore NOC & Permission

Safari Garden Lahore is an LDA-approved residential development, making it a very secure investment choice for both buyers and investors. The society was approved by the Lahore Development Authority in November 2018 with No Objection Certificate (NOC) Number LDA/DMP-II/2447.

Safari Garden Lahore Masterplan

The master plan for Safari Garden Lahore was intelligently created by the developers. This fantastic residential and commercial project covers a sizable amount of land. Safari Garden Lahore's masterplan is divided into two phases:

  • Phase I
  • Phase II

Safari Garden Lahore Residential Plots

The residential plots in Safari Garden Lahore are being sold in both phases currently. Phase I of the project is further subdivided into Blocks A, B, and C, and each block provides residential plots in the following categories:

  • 3 Marla
  • 4 Marla
  • 5 Marla
  • 8 Marla
  • 10 Marla

Every block will include cutting-edge infrastructure and services for households and business tenants. Safari Garden's Phase II has been divided into Blocks E and D, with residential plots ranging from:

  • 3 Marla
  • 5 Marla
  • 8 Marla
  • 10 Marla

The master plan for the Safari Garden Housing Scheme includes several amenities, such as an international school, a hospital, a mall, a gym, a community club, a major boulevard that is 150 feet wide, a series of theme parks, and much more.

Safari Garden Lahore Commercial Plots for Sale

Commercial plots are now available in both phases of Safari Garden Lahore. Due to society's popularity, these commercial plots will provide substantial investment returns. 3 Marla Commercial plots are available in Phase I.

Phase II of Safari Garden has been divided into Blocks D and E, offering 2 and 3 Marla commercial plots for sale.

Safari Garden Lahore Booking Procedure

The Safari Garden Lahore booking process is quite simple. You may go to the reservation office in Lahore at 4.5 Km Sue-e- Asal Raiwind Road. You will be guided through the procedure by the representatives. Check all the information before making any purchases. Safari Garden Lahore Document Requirement Make sure to ask about the NOC and approval document by the developers properly approved by the authorities before engaging in any property acquisition or sale. When reserving a plot or visiting the site office, the following documentation is required:

  • 2 copies of CNIC
  • 2 copies of recent photographs
  • 2 copies of Nominate CNIC

Safari Garden Lahore Amenities and Facilities

Safari Garden Lahore is a gated community that provides all amenities to its residents in a prime location on Raiwind Road in the Lahore suburbs. The project is becoming very well known for its environmentally friendly infrastructure, a network of broad streets and boulevards, greenery, parks, and open spaces. The developers have prioritised the creation of this society with ultra-modern infrastructure in mind, therefore smart street lighting and underground electric wiring are a major draw.

Jamia Mosque

The architects of the Safari Garden have designed a magnificent mosque that will represent Islam's central message of tolerance and peace for people of all faiths. The mosque will be huge and attractive, so it will have an open-door policy, inviting visitors from all over the nation to come.

International Standard Infrastructure

International standards allow the development of specialised solutions that may be modified to fit the unique requirements of a specific society. The infrastructure of Safari Garden Lahore is developed to international standards, setting it apart from any other similar development.

Extensive Network of Carpeted Roads

Developers have worked ingeniously on large carpeted roads and boulevards to ensure the smooth flow of traffic throughout society and to create beautiful infrastructure with which to complement the community.


Residents will have constant access to essential water, gas, and electricity services. Smart infrastructure ensures that future societies will have subsurface plumbing and electricity.

Gated Community

Safari Garden Lahore is a gated community with a perimeter wall that provides the society with foolproof security systems such as facial recognition and e-ticketing. This will greatly increase the security of the area.

Hospitals and Schools

A large hospital with highly skilled physicians and nursing personnel is already in the works, as are several school campuses and other educational institutions with experienced teachers to meet the educational demands of residents.

Recreational Parks

There will be various green areas and parks for mental tranquilly and relaxation to achieve the eco-friendliness requirements. There will be amusement parks in addition to health and fitness centres and spas.

Plots Prices in Safari Garden

Area Size

Price Range

3 Marla
PKR 8 Lakh – 18 Lakh
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5 Marla
PKR 11 Lakh – 29 Lakh
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8 Marla
PKR 30 Lakh – 40 Lakh
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10 Marla
PKR 30 Lakh – 50 Lakh
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Commercial Plots Prices in Safari Garden

Area Size

Price Range

2 Marla
PKR 20 Lakh – 20 Lakh
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4 Marla
PKR 45 Lakh – 1 Crore
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