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Zafar Ullah
( 493 posts )

[148 Replies]
I was a regular visitor to this site but have been absent for a very long time. I was surprised to see that people are still advising advice seekers to buy in b-17.
I bought a plot in c block some 10 years ago, paid around 3 millions for it. After 10 long years the price is still around 9 million, that too if you can find a buyer. Looking at many other areas, the prices have gone through the sky in this time period. I would have had a better investment, had i avoided b-17 at the time. Also had a very bad experience when someone occupied my plot in b block and the admin was not very helpful. In fact they sided with the guy and eventually i had to sell the plot to him.
Now i am looking at the posts, seeking advise and i am surprised that people are still recommending this area, despite the dust issue, , too much supply then demand, sector a b c d e f g h and perhaps this will go all the way to sector z, being very far from isb, no chance of margalla avenue in near future etc. . So the prices are almost stagnant , or rising very slowly if at all. Enclave has appreciated more than this for example and you can find many other examples.
So i am scratching my head, wondering why every new comer is advised to by in b-17?. Is it that many of this pager users have investment in this vast sector, or there are too many property dealers disguised as common users with vested interests in the sector?.
Please share your views.

    40 days ago In Where to Buy
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    Pardesi Babu
    (10 posts)
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    Profit of 6 million in 10 years is not bad return but also consider the following factors if this make sense as the rupee has devalued a lot in the last 10 years .

    Exchange rate of 1 USD to pkr in 2010= around 90 rupees

    300000/90= ~33k usd

    Zafarullah spent 33k usd to purchase a plot back in 2010.

    Current price

    9 million

    Current exchange rate to usd= 160

    9000000/160= 56k usd

    Net profit

    56k- 33k= 23k usd

    23k USD to rupees = 3680000 pkr

    So in real the profit is only 36 lacs after 10 years of investment which is 3.6 percent per year.
      31 days ago 

      Abdul Qayyum
      (2488 posts)
      Zafar sb

      Yes, no one is freelancer here and that is not bad if you assist people with honesty and at the same time advertise your product with a legitimate profile.

      B-17 especially D sector is prime candidate to give sinus problem and when wind direction changes, other blocks get affected, too.

      Margalla avenue is far stretched dream!
        40 days ago 

        Muhammad sai..
        (41 posts)
        So what will be a good option around 4.5 million for maximum reture
          40 days ago 

          A Rehman
          (446 posts)
          Most of plots in B-17 have filling and MPCHS is highly corrupt, if you construct house in B-17 the local staff collect commissions from every truck.
            40 days ago 

            (219 posts)
            Yes it was over hyped and over priced a few years ago, but now after so many market corrections price is now justified.
            In any society that is populated like B-17 in ISB/RWP you will not get any cheaper rates than this. a 5 marla plot in a developed society with all basic facilities available under 40-45 lac is not an over price. Prices are increasing organically. Dust issue is almost resolved. Access and location is okay. News of CDA meetings and PC1 approval are surfacing for margalla avenue. Future location dreams far nearer to reality than the societies betting on RRR and other dreams. over all water availability is much better than other Zone 2 societies.
              40 days ago 

              Imran A.
              (57 posts)
              After SC final order and crackdown by DC Islamabad all crushing units have been removed. So no more dust issue.

              Landfill issue resolved also as CDA mulling to establish landfill near rawat.

              CDA formed committee to settle out-of-court with old margalla avenue contractor and a new tender will be given soon. If FWO gets the contract it will be built quickly.

              Ringroad starts from sangjani. As per villagers land has already been acquired as ring road will help connect PAF Tarnol to margalla avenue.

              B-17 G block interchange is another game changer.

              B-17 streets are being repaved and proper water supply will be started in block A and B. No issue with water in summer as society provides free water tankers.

              Prices are going up already. Just sold a 5 marla plot in F block with 1+ million in profit. And going to invest back into G block again.

              After DHA & CDA sectors, I recommend investing only in B-17 and Faisal Hills.
                39 days ago 

                (44 posts)
                I want to know regarding B17:

                In which sectors gas is available in B17?

                Is the water supply also through society overhead tanks or only underground boring?

                In which sectors underground water is available?
                  39 days ago 

                  Nawaz Malik
                  (48 posts)
                  Lol at Nasir sahib. Bhai kbhi ao na B-17 raat ko khushboo lga kr. Crushers wahan pr hi hain.

                  Margalla avenue khwaab mai hi h. Aur ring road k khwaab dikhate hue tu logun ko sharam bhi nai aati.

                  Bhai B-17 is not islamabad. Ye taxila ka ilaqa hay. Ja kr dekh lo aik baar. Mai bhi taxila ka rihaishi hn. Jhoot ki b koi had hoti hai. Istrah jhoot bol bol kr jitna bhi kama lo. Hisaab hojae ga. Tension na lo.
                    39 days ago 

                    (219 posts)
                      39 days ago 

                      (219 posts)
                      Bhai Nawaz, mein koi property dealer nahi hoon, na hi mein nay wahan koi plot sale kerna hai. Mein nay sirf aik plot khareedna tha aur mein nay 6 month pooray isb / rwp mein working ki hai. Taqreeban her society hi visit ki hai. Aur sab k sab societies haqeeqat aur khawab dono baich ker chal rhi hain. Mujhay kisi aur society ka name bata dein jo B-17 ki nisbat rate mein kam ho aur us ki ground realities B-17 say bahter hon.
                        39 days ago 

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