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Dear Mr President

Cabinet Division Employees Cooperative Housing Society (CDECHS):

We are Plot-Holders/members of CDECHS.

We are writing to bring to your kind attention the fact that our society and its Management are receiving negative feedback at online real estate forums. This is a cause for great concern for Members. All Members are worried that this negative feedback is causing a bad effect on property prices in CDECHS.

As you know, CDECHS has excellent location as it is very near Zone 1 Islamabad with direct access on GT Road. However, in spite of this wonderful location-advantage, the society is suffering a lot in terms of plot prices and standard of living. Investors are suffering more because price of plot is not rising as fast as it can if the Society Management implements some basic ideas & suggestions. On the other hand, surrounding societies with not-so-good location are increasing in price. Even societies that do not have direct access on GT Road such as F-17 Tele-Garden on Fateh Jang road with Railway Crossing on the entrance has much higher Plot Price. Why? Because of excellent development standards of Multi Management!


Sir, We need to do something about this situation ASAP! We have a few humble suggestions:

I. Website & Social Media Exposure:- Society Management should make the Society Website very active and promote the society on Social Media as well. The society should hire a full-time IT & Marketing Specialist to promote the Society on the Internet. We need to put up latest good looking photographs of the Society on the Website and Facebook Page of the Society.

II. Maintenance of Infrastructure:- Society Management needs to do maintenance works on continuous basis to repair the streets and roads where patches need to be fixed. We need to construct drains so that rain water is properly channelled out. Many streets in E-17/3 are broken and need repair works. Management should post Photos of these activities on its Website and Social Media.

III. Installation of Electricity Cabinets:- Society Management needs to install high number of electricity cabinets as seen in Bahria and DHA in order to improve the pace of house construction activity.

IV. Construction of beautiful Masjids:- this is vitally important to promote activity in the society.

V. Gas Works:- society management needs to complete Gas Infrastructure Works quickly and especially in e-17/3. There is a need to provide gas at non-commercial rates to improve market interest from genuine house builders. It is these genuine buyers who make the prices of any scheme stable.

VI. Greenery:- society management has planted some greenery but we desperately need to plant much more greenery on all important roads to improve the look of the society even more. Parks should also be beautified.

VII. Cash Incentive for Construction Works:- Society Management needs to announce Cash-Back Incentive scheme of Rs 300,000 to Rs 500,000 for house construction for first 100 houses.

VIII. Other Amenities:- Society Management needs to incentivize the start of Commercial Centers and Markets in the scheme. Plus it needs to start 1 or 2 schools of Beacon House, Roots or Educators. Also, it should provide a small Hospital Facility in the society.

IX. Boundary Wall and Security Patrolling:- This is the most important thing to kick-start construction activity in a really big way! And indeed, boundary wall and security patrolling is desperately needed to prevent crimes, untoward incidents in the society to avoid bad publicity.

X. Possession:- last but not least providing possession of non-possession areas is a must to improve the image of the Society and to enhance the Satisfaction of Members.



If we do all these things, plot prices in Cabinet Society can go higher than F-17 prices because of better location. It can become one of the best societies of Zone 2 easily. JazakAllah.



Members of CDECHS


    2127 days ago In Residential Schemes
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    (26 posts)
    Mushtaq Sb,

    What is the situation of boundary wall? And what about main gate construction?

    I read somewhere that both were under construction..

    Does anyone have latest about them?
      2063 days ago 

      A Rehman
      (448 posts)
      Considering the price range it's the best place to invest and live. Jkchs gate is just 4 km away and prices r 3to 4 times with the same standards. Mango people already started constructing houses and living there... Development pace is bit slow but it's ongoing. Work on gate has restarted after Eid break. Location is great. Met few residents they seem happy considering there own house in city like Islamabad at a highly affordable price.
        2063 days ago 

        (900 posts)
        No body happy at present situation when half of rent saved by residents is paid back due to electricity bills at commercial rates. And no community life, no schools, commercial area inside society. A very poor and misguided approach by senior members. Prices already at saturation level and will seen fall when fgehf will started sector F-14/15 in first qtr of 2016.
          2062 days ago 

          Basil Tariq
          (75 posts)
          Only drawback at at the moment is electricity at commercial rate, perhaps it is going to be a good community as number of houses increase.
            2062 days ago 

            (5 posts)

            1. Who is the President of the CDECHS and what are his credentials?

            2. How he got elected and what was the criterion for the election of the President and other office bearers of the management.

            3. What is their stake in the society?

            4. What are their perks and privileges?


            1. What are the details of the society’s accounts? Has there been any internal and external audit of the society accounts?

            2. What are the details of the land acquisition and land swap? Who authorized it?

            3. What is the status of the non possession plots

            4. What is the qualification and experience of the office bearers who are running rather ruining the affairs of the society?

            5. What is the number of the administrative and technical staff? What are their salary packages?

            6. Why the management and staff of the society are so uncooperative rather hostile towards members and behave like a mafia

            7. Why the society management has failed miserably to develop the society

            8. Why basic amenities like electricity, gas, water, sewerage and road works have not been completed?

            9. It is believed that an independent audit will reveal massive corruption in the society.


            THEY SHOULD GO.

            The members should unite and raise their voice for an INTERIM MANAGEMENT that should identify the culprits, fix the lingering problems in the society, hold a free and fair election for the society and oversee the remaining development work.

            Those who think such comments harm CDECHS market should know that if the evils in the society are fixed their investment will grow manifold in short span of time.


            @ Pardesi and other seniors of this thread…Please post these comments to your face book and on all other forums to convey our grievances and to unite the members for future strategy. We will do the same.
              2061 days ago 

              (5 posts)
     Admin..very sad sirs you are blocking my comments are taking side with the corrupt management of CDECHS against the poor members of the society.
                2061 days ago 

                (124 posts)
                I agree 100% with Tabeer, very well said. Cabinet society is a Big FLOP because of its Pathetic management, but do you know what the worst part of it is? Its the fact that none of this is about to change in the foreseeable future. The factors which have caused this devastation are so well entrenched that it is not easy to revive this society as a decent quality residential option. The longer things stay the same, the more these factors will perpetuate.
                  2061 days ago 

                  (120 posts)
                  Lets fix the date to gather at the main gate against the society office close to the main gate of Cabinet society, even atleast 10 members join the gathering, it will enough to pressurize, and we can plan for future plans as well about there lazyness. What u think about coming sunday at 25 OCt
                    2061 days ago 

                    (1171 posts)
                    Mushtaq Bhai..... You can coordinate the Protest Movement on this Facebook Page (There is already a POST about the PROTEST on that Page):-


                    We can all chat on that POST to make a JOINT EFFORT to wake up this LAZY MANAGEMENT!
                      2060 days ago 

                      (120 posts)
                      I have save this post with title, InshAllah I will take a print of it, and I will put that letter under the gate at coming sunday, if office is open, then i will handover it.
                        2060 days ago 

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