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Dear Mr President

Cabinet Division Employees Cooperative Housing Society (CDECHS):

We are Plot-Holders/members of CDECHS.

We are writing to bring to your kind attention the fact that our society and its Management are receiving negative feedback at online real estate forums. This is a cause for great concern for Members. All Members are worried that this negative feedback is causing a bad effect on property prices in CDECHS.

As you know, CDECHS has excellent location as it is very near Zone 1 Islamabad with direct access on GT Road. However, in spite of this wonderful location-advantage, the society is suffering a lot in terms of plot prices and standard of living. Investors are suffering more because price of plot is not rising as fast as it can if the Society Management implements some basic ideas & suggestions. On the other hand, surrounding societies with not-so-good location are increasing in price. Even societies that do not have direct access on GT Road such as F-17 Tele-Garden on Fateh Jang road with Railway Crossing on the entrance has much higher Plot Price. Why? Because of excellent development standards of Multi Management!


Sir, We need to do something about this situation ASAP! We have a few humble suggestions:

I. Website & Social Media Exposure:- Society Management should make the Society Website very active and promote the society on Social Media as well. The society should hire a full-time IT & Marketing Specialist to promote the Society on the Internet. We need to put up latest good looking photographs of the Society on the Website and Facebook Page of the Society.

II. Maintenance of Infrastructure:- Society Management needs to do maintenance works on continuous basis to repair the streets and roads where patches need to be fixed. We need to construct drains so that rain water is properly channelled out. Many streets in E-17/3 are broken and need repair works. Management should post Photos of these activities on its Website and Social Media.

III. Installation of Electricity Cabinets:- Society Management needs to install high number of electricity cabinets as seen in Bahria and DHA in order to improve the pace of house construction activity.

IV. Construction of beautiful Masjids:- this is vitally important to promote activity in the society.

V. Gas Works:- society management needs to complete Gas Infrastructure Works quickly and especially in e-17/3. There is a need to provide gas at non-commercial rates to improve market interest from genuine house builders. It is these genuine buyers who make the prices of any scheme stable.

VI. Greenery:- society management has planted some greenery but we desperately need to plant much more greenery on all important roads to improve the look of the society even more. Parks should also be beautified.

VII. Cash Incentive for Construction Works:- Society Management needs to announce Cash-Back Incentive scheme of Rs 300,000 to Rs 500,000 for house construction for first 100 houses.

VIII. Other Amenities:- Society Management needs to incentivize the start of Commercial Centers and Markets in the scheme. Plus it needs to start 1 or 2 schools of Beacon House, Roots or Educators. Also, it should provide a small Hospital Facility in the society.

IX. Boundary Wall and Security Patrolling:- This is the most important thing to kick-start construction activity in a really big way! And indeed, boundary wall and security patrolling is desperately needed to prevent crimes, untoward incidents in the society to avoid bad publicity.

X. Possession:- last but not least providing possession of non-possession areas is a must to improve the image of the Society and to enhance the Satisfaction of Members.



If we do all these things, plot prices in Cabinet Society can go higher than F-17 prices because of better location. It can become one of the best societies of Zone 2 easily. JazakAllah.



Members of CDECHS


    2094 days ago In Residential Schemes
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    Irfan bhai, does the society plan to construct any overhead water tanks for water storage and supply?
      1399 days ago 

      A Rehman
      (447 posts)
        1398 days ago 

        Sami Ullah
        (2 posts)
        Dear All Member,

        It is requested to all members of the society that kindly elect a visionary person for all administrative seats who can build this society as a state of art society. Moreover, who is energetic and willing to work for the society as all other surrounding societies are growing very rapidly and CDECHS is working progress is in front of all of you. I have my own plot in this society.

        This is my personal suggestion.
          1394 days ago 

          (47 posts)
          As per press reports new airport link roads are due to be completed by Nov 22, 2017 and the airport will subsequently start operations after 10 days.A good development indeed; how will it impact societies in zone 2,esp. Cabinet
            1282 days ago 

            (146 posts)
            I don't think airport opening will have any effect on the prices of cabinet division society unless southern avenue of ECHS D18 is connected with GT road through CDCHS gate so that one can access Paswal interchange easily but it won't be happening anytime soon even after the inauguration of Airport.

            Price is only expected to rise when construction work on margalla road is initiated again.

            BTW what is the situation of margalla road though around 80% of it can of google maps?
              1256 days ago 

              Terry S. Mau..
              (1 post)
              Great discussion in here
                56 days ago 

                Biggboss 15
                (1 post)
                Thanks for sharing this information and will bookmark this forum.

                Bigg Boss 15
                  37 days ago 

                  (47 posts)
                  What is the progress/pace of development works recently started in Cabinet society? kindly shed light.
                    35 days ago 

                    Aqsa rafiq
                    (8 posts)
                    Great discussion. Thank you soo much Bigg Boss 15
                      21 days ago 

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                      (5 posts)
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