20 million for monthly income

A person has got 20m as his savings of all his life.
Where can this amount be invested/circulated for running the monthly expenses and also growing the capital.

  1. Invest in Sharia compliant dividend stocks

  2. Invest in Meezan Mutual Fund.

@Isloo1: all 20 mn in stocks and mutual funds or investment should be diversified with having one real estate option as well? Any other business ideas for safe payback?

Gents, do whatever, out of that 20 MN, well for the sake of whatever MN, invest like 1% or less of it in crypto... (if you are into it, well a try at least even if you aren't)

You can thank me later, for sure, somewhere down the lane a couple of years or perhaps just a bit more :)

How to buy crypto currency in Pakistan?

There are international payment gateways/crypto transactions platforms, example Coin Base, that could help you buy via credit card, retain in Digital Wallet and encash via purchases and account transfer.

Ofcourse there are more technical details but I tried to kept that simple for explanation. The real trick:

Which crypto to buy?? as price range from 55000 USD (Bitcoin) to 0.55 USD (XRP) and many more in between. Bitcoin started of at 0.008 back in 2009/2010 that now stands at 55K per coin with musk just invested 1.5 B USD in Bitcoin.


When the World was Buying and Selling Crypto, Guess What??

Our folks or call them morons were making history by collecting Ransom in Bitcoins

بٹ کوائن میں تاوان وصولی کا ’پہلا‘ کیس: ملزمان نے غیرملکیوں سے کرپٹو کرنسی میں تاوان کیسے وصول کیا؟


Gentlemen, those of you thinking about investing in crypto please note that you will need steel nerves to hold and not panic sell if and when the going gets tough and I mean tough as I was down over 90% at one stage. Now Alhamdulillah I am in profit but those were not good days as I seriously thought that I will loose my entire investment. So please be aware and do your research before buying any crypto coin. There was a PHD doctor Ruja Ignatgova who was promoting the OneCoin and she has gone underground with investors billions of dollars. Even the western secret agencies (FBI) has not yet found her.

Yes, it's not for the faint of hearts and yes I mean there is no point of investing 'all'. It's about to start with just like 1% of what one would invest in RE. Than grow it incrementally.

Well there are issues like one would have with real currency too (fake notes), account theft etc. This is an alternate investment and no investment comes without risk!

Well let's say if warren buffett would have placed all his wealth in BTC, he would had been worth 720+ trillion USD, as of today.

Again, it's one of those inevtments that needs proper research more than anything else. There is a reason why states like Russia and PRC moving towards state sponsored Crypto.


The first question which comes to my mind - Is trading in crypto currencies halal? Isn't it sort of gambling at the moment?

Discussion has turned towards crypto.

Can someone please suggest some other options than crypto.

Bitcoin in 2011 $2

Bitcoin now $35000

I should kick myself for not seeing that coming.

Though, I don't have religious knowledge to say it with authenticity for it's haram or halal. Crypto is what a digital asset that can be cashed end to end.

This means at one end someone pays to buy and on other end someone can sell to get paid. This is pretty much like bank transfers, or retaining in paper currencies that escalate.

Imran sb it stands at 56000+ USD as of now!

How about rolling this amount in plots?

Ji Imtiaz Sb,

You are rights. Bitcoin on fire.

Yes, Khan sb rolling that in the plot is the point, the point of discussion is perhaps 1% of that into crypto, if and whoever likes to play that game.

If one can hold that long enough, none of these reputed crypot have let the invetstment to go in vain.

Having said that I would trust some random silicon valley guy with his crypto company listed in NYSE is far more credible than these typical Malik Riaz or DH or CDAs who don't even spare hard earned life savings of Widows.

Dear Khan

RRR tender is in the making and DHA-3 plus bahria Orchard and extension will rise and currently appreciating. Buy half in DHA-3 and half in bahria and wait with patience. You would be well off In Shaa Allah.

Also I- series CDA sectors are ripe for investment and will give profit as per CDA's history.
For monthly income, you can buy a full floor of a plaza in hot areas such as BT Oversees blocks or in DHA-2. Rents are very lucrative.

Warren Buffet a famous

Hope you get it. Business says ... Never put all your eggs in one basket.

Bitcoin just crossed $60,000 !

Dear Khan sb

Never put your all eggs in one basket. You can divide your investment in following avenues.

  1. Fixed Income Securities. ( This will give you regular monthly income.)

  2. Stock exchange ( This Will give you capital gain, Dividend cheques & Bonus Shares time to time)

  3. Physical Gold Biscuits & Bullions.

  4. Real Estate.

  5. Forex Reserves( buying little bit forex will help your wealth growth)

Any further help will be welcomed.



Dear Khan,

Plots and shops for those who are not in Pakistan means overseas.

For monthly rental income for those who handicap,senior citizen or Gov retired people who can't do any work if someone healthy and in Pakistan then in this amount divide in four different business.