Holding or moving investment from BT phase 8

Dear Experts,
i have a plot in Bahria twon phase 8, sector F2, (3rd street from MR road) which i booked to build my home many years back. I like the society and location of my plot, however, now i feel that it is too far from my job place. instead i want to build at bahria enclave which is relatively closer to my work place. Now that phase 8 plot is not longer for self living, is it worth holding BT phase 8 plot?, given that for investment into CDA (I-16 etc) i will have to add to the budget and with that additional amount i can buy at CBR phase 2.

Last but not the least, should i wait for all these sale/purchases till end of this year to let the market settle?

Better wait, sir
RRR, PC1 has gone to Lahore & hopefully RRR will get started within 6 months or one year at the most.
If RRR gets materialised, whole phase-8 & 7 will further appreciate at the top of the current continued appreciation.

Phase 8 will rise, deserves to, worth it!! Fact …

However, considering the geniune buyer and commute factor in relation to the Ring Road

– Commute to Downtown ISB (Work/Education)

Not sure how geniunely it will impact the commute. Access will improve (signal free movement, presumably) however Phase 8 or any RRR bound societies will have to travel through ring to converge at Thalian and than to mainstream ISB that doesn’t look feasible.

See the attached image, if Ring goes as per initial planned (old alignment). 3 Points are important:

A. T-Chowk (the start of Ring)
B. Thalian Interchnage (the end of Ring)
C. 0-Point (Distance from end of Ring to Downtown ISB)

– Before Ring: T-Chowk to Thalian: ​48 KM – 60+ Minutes

– After Ring: T-Chowk to Thalian: 26 Km – 20/25 Minutes (approx). Can be cacluated for projects/location falling somewhere between START & END.

– Before Ring: Thalian to 0-Point: 33 KM – 35 Minutes

– After Ring: Thalian to 0-Point: 33 KM – 35 Minutes – No change as per alignment of Ring.

→ Travellers from A to B big time winners!
→ Travellers from A to C need to go through B if they wanna use the Ring.

– Possible Fixes – Interchanges/Underpasses

Not sure how many of them will exist, even if they do, they will benefit local access and projects but not those that are aiming to get from let’s say A to B as after B it’s quite dense population to pass through.


RRR is much beyond “zero point” projection/reference. Its importance is much larger
The basic and very important aspect is diverting city traffic to outside Pindi & IJP road which is now a painful driving.
Flyovers will have gigantic effects on twin city traffic/easines/multiple entrances to & from Pindi and improve security/mobs political interference in downtown Pindi…

The point was simple, is simple, will be simple …

Yes, RRR is not just getting to 0-Point it will create lots of economic zones, city to expand and infrastructure to develop. Established Fact! 0-Point (as the name suggests) a reference to access Downtown Islamabad, pretty much how access being calculated in metropolitans globaly by working class or investors …

Back to the point: If an individual have basic criteria to buy and build in proximity of ring with an aim to work/commute to ISB, logistics are as in A, B, C.

A to B big winners

B to C pretty much least impact

A to C may have to go through B.

Not every solution is a silver bullet to every individual. I reiterate RRR is a necessity, will uplift the city but unlikely a One Solution Fit All thing …

Context matters …

@MS Malik, if I were you, I would have moved my investment some other place that gives better ROI. Bahria everywhere is stuck in the “mud” during this boom period and did not fare well. Perhaps, the bad days of MR are not over as yet. This is with the exception of L block in Ph.8 that doubled since RRR news broke out months ago. Others just marginally increased.

I would not count on the PC-1 of RRR as this seems a typical lollipop given by an army of rented spokespersons.


Mr. Malik answer to your query is dependent upon location of your workplace,your budget and when you are planning to construct the house.

I would agree. BTK’s antics have given BT all across Pakistan a bad name, it hasn’t seen the returns it should have as compared to other societies.

My advice to hold the investment in Bahria town Phase 8. The Reasons are following:

  1. Govt Has to construct RRR before new elections to gain the political benefit. This is the main reason behind reducing the size from 65km (That was not possible in 2 years) to again 37-38 Km.

  2. Bahria & DHA 3 Will be the only Societies that will connect Both G.T Road on One side & RRR on the other. This will Increase the Worth & Value of This area In monetary as well as residence Preference terms.

  3. What ever Happened in BTK, BTR has no impact & the Prices have raised over all.

  4. New Airport Distance will reduce after RRR completion.

  5. Islamabad Is going to expand towards West & South (Zone 2 & 5) & within next 10 Years, Junction of Motorway & Kashmir Highway Will become the New zero point.

  6. At the current, Bahria town seems to be the end of RWP city. But after RRR, There are many more societies & Blocks of existing societies are going to launch towards south of RRR. That will make the Saddar, DHA, Bahria etc The Main city.

  7. Murree Road was the old Commercial & Business Hub. Now Majority of the Business/good companies & The population shifting towards DHA & Bahria town.

  8. BAhria Prices are still reasonable as compared to Muhallah Abadais, Or other societies with less facilities.

  9. What ever happens in the world, Overseas Pakistanis Love to invest in DHAs & Bahrias.

  10. In 1980s RWP was limited to Mareer Chowk. & In 1990s Soan Adda was supposed to be outside the city. But they all are In the mid of city now. Similarly Bahria phase 1 was also the end of the city once upon a time. Other societies feel proud if they are in the surroundings of DHAs Or Bahrias.

  11. Bahria Phase 8 Prices were rising 4-6 Lacs per month from January to April. All this momentum was broken due to Halt in RRR work/Project & the Money/Investment moved towards Little & Early Bird DHAs Such as Bahawalpur, Quetta, Multan, Gujranwala etc. But once the clouds of uncertainty gets removed, RRR Inaugurated/ or work starts, BTR will see another stage of a quick Jump.

  12. When Rates hike all of sudden, There is always need of rates to stabilize & Consolidate at a level for some time, before making another jump. In This way the major selling gets occurred & New entrants start to hold for next level.

  13. Any Rate Hike in Phase 8 Will create More Room for People to think about 8 extension as well. So the Quartile of demand will increase in Extension as well.

  14. RRR will help reduce traffic congestion / Jamming. Will smooth the traffic flow with reduction of Time inside & outside the city. the journey that takes 30 Minutes within city will reduce to 5-10 minutes after Heavy traffic & intercity traffic & Traffic from Adiyala & Chakri road area will use RRR instead of entering the city for Airport or Other cities. This will help Govt To use old Buss & Truck Addas for other purposes.

  15. According to New RWP City Plan, Govt is going to Reshape the city. Lai express will play another major role to reduce the Traffic Congestion & Will help reduce the distance & Time. Previously Lai express was planned till Ammar Shaheed Chowk, But Now it has extend to Soan River Near Bahria town & High court road. this will be a 19Km Road that will make entry to main Islamabad a shorter one.

  16. In next 5 Years, After completion of LAI Express & RRR, Bahria 8 will be the Mid of the city & The bsuiness in RWp. More precisely Between the triangle of RRR. GT ROad.

  17. Currency devaluation occured in 2009 & the property boom was lived untill 2015. Its Just start of the game as Currency devaluation started in 2018-19 & This property boom is expected to live till 2024 minimum. anyone who is fearing for the bubble burst in this beginning will be the main looser out of fear.

I’m not discussing Demand & Supply Factors & Further launch of new blocks here as they are already the upcoming factors & Understood things. And discussed many times in this forum.

These are my personal Views, Anyone can Differ.



Well done @humayyun.786 brother, well sought out points and they all make good sense! Keep that up! Just my 2-cents:

– Yes, Phase 8 will rise but if we compare historically its rise is comparatively steady and low compared to non BTs. The competition is more compared to the last boom in

– MR being MR has an old habit of shots in own foot. Messed up and no delivery, escalating charges, more amount on all dues clear are a few examples that have tainted the name of BTs as a brand, all across PAK. I exited Safari I as I could see services of BT going down each passing day. Having said that, still one far better than rest.

– Last but not the least, Ring (if and whenever materialized) will benefit whole area but as far as big winners there are lots of under dogs on Chakri/Adiala/Thalinlan side that will rise more. To me, I may be wrong but for big and expensive names like BT, CSC RRR is a thing that’s being oversold. As far as housing projects RRR will give massive boosts to underdogs that are dirt cheap now …

All in all yes, given the Pakistani context

– BTs among one of the best to build and live at.

– BTs were once the best for investment, in general, not the case now and people who make money will have to be selective rather than old times when BT booking farms even used to sell in the black.

– BT will grow in price but elsewhere growth is expected more than BTs.


I think for long term 5+ years BT might be profitable but for short term like less than 2 years investment there are many other more better options available.

Humayyun sb
One of the best analysis, I ever seen here…
Agreed fully to your much appreciated contribution, sir.


Imtiaz bhai

In financial markets we use the oversold term when the financial assets such as stocks of a company are trading on a value that is lesser than its market value. And this is the time when these assets may attract the investors.

For DHAs, sellers are almost unavailable due to travel restrictions world wide and furthermore Majority of the DHAs have stopped transfers on autgority. Only locals are available to sale but they are willing to hold for further jumps.

Its market rules when market leader (DHAs) become out of range, money flows towards the market follower (Bahrias). And then 3rd & 4th untill all become out of range and the bubble starts to burst. In this case there is much demand people want to buy the property but available plots are very few.

Eidul Azha is nearing & this will give a further more boost to the rates.

In short term as well as in medium term, i am looking a very good return out of all available societies.

Furthermore we all know MR has become a pampered oldman. And his son is the main person who is on driving seat since last 3-4 years. MR factor has almost end and Bahria belongs to the residents & the investors now. Market forces decide their fate now a days.

BTR is almost half in size of pindi if you see on the map. Such huge inventory takes time to get more appreciation. But in last 5 years, it seems bahria has developed almost all blocks and they are getting populated. The supply of plots is not the same as it was before giving the posession of L block G Block I block P block etc. Reduction in number of plots i.e. construction of houses, decrease the number of available plots & rise the prices. And BTR is on the way to getting population so quickly. All factors are supporting its rise. M block is the example, almost before january 2020, there were one or two houses built. But now you will see houses everywhere. This rises the intrinsic value or the plots hence the market value gets support to rise.

In Pakistan, real estate boom starts from CDA, then transfers to DHAs , then to bahria and finally ends in small societies. But this is the first time Bahria took the pace of boom after CDA, and when bahria start to consolidate, DHAs have start rising.

This consolidation is very healthy sign for a strong market hike. This consolidation has set bahria market to make a further jump of one or two millions before december end . Bubbles never rise in this way. For long term all real estates perform outstanding, but my analysis make me comfortable in short to medium terms as well with good expected returns.

In short, in such a Demand demand & demand scenario, oversold state can not last for long. Prices must jack up. And whenever prices go up, everyone try to buy before its too late. And things get out of range.




Thank you so much Abdul Qayyum bhai. My pleasure to share my point of view among all zameen dot com real estate investment experts.

Agreed Hamayun brother,

Point of counter argue, keeping them precise:

– More competition and saturated markets. When the game was only of BT to play, BT was creating a mess for itself and in the meantime new players (Zedem, Smart series etc.) entered and took big chunks out of BT shares.

– Ali Riaz (his cronie, son of the admiral, don’t know his name but he is higher up in hierarchy) are Bahria killer with short sighted policies.

– To me BT, as of now is not undervalued, a few blocks will gain better but with CDA/DHA the ‘A’ factor both represent a different category of developers and BTs might be adjacent to DHs but no comparison of pricing. Plus depressed lands and high construction cost adds up.


Imtiaz bhai,

Kindly check the size of Zedm. Very little society as compared to DHA. & bahria.

Secondly CSC will take so long to get populated.

Zedm location is good in zone 2 but CSC is far away from newly proposed RRR.

Kindly dont compare them with well located BTR.

But B17 is far better society than all zedm.

Thirdly, when you compare the BTR rates with anyother society, you will really find them undervalued. Bahria extension 10 marla file rate was 32 during 2015 in market. All of sudden it fell due to real estate bubble burst in pakistan. Now after 6 years it has again touched 32 lac level. No gain at all.

Lets say phase 8, ten marla providing similar facilities in other societies are trading much higher. For example soan garden, naval anchorage, pwd, B17, Gulberg etc. Or lets compare them with other cities.

Anyways im strong believer of the hypothesis that After MR, DHA will be the final acquirer of BTR. Surrounded by DHAs from all sides.


Brother investors, end buyers dont mind size/brands, they prefer ROIs. Technically speaking smaller players get things done and delivered much quicker (Kabeer Town). Zedem is small but growing, just compare FT and FH, in last 5 odd years with any of the BTs to see for yourself. The size and magnitude of BTs have put them into a position that the are somehow at a default position for power bills.

B17 as cooperative housing is an entirely different species. Why BT as a name is much bigger but lower in pricing there is a multitude of reasons inclusing but not limited to delayed deliveries, too much of filled lands, improper land records, no worth in banks/institutes and daylight cheating for surcharges and amount on all due clear, so on and so forth …

Man, I was a student to invest in Awami Villas and Ext. and now my kids are students (a generation gap) and delivery is still awaited …

I recall, did some price escalation analysis (based on available data), will try to dig that out to share, if I am abke to seach again but that was like atkeast an year ago …

Imtiaz bhai

Many of your excuses are correct, but to some extent. When a huge demand comes, big societies gain the most bcoz they have more land & plots to sell. & Thats the reason why majority prefer DHAs & Bahrias. Investors have nothing to take with filling or other issues, untill bahria is getting populated with good pace, investors and end users both can find benifit from it.

Brother, Reasons not Excuses : D

In a hot market, DHA is always #1 in gains, because overseas investors trust the brand. At the same time, that means DHA also is very volatile and potential losses are greater when market crashes. Only in DHA can prices go up and down by nearly 30% within space of few months.