Park view city islamabad future

I want to invest in park view .Is there anybody who help me with to invest or not one property agent told me buy in park view after 3 months when new booking map approve the rates will b high and you will get good profit is that true as investment point of view need experts view

Park View sounds like a good one but tricky.

The point is it got NOC that was later revoked and than reinstated and now again there was a news that there are some legal implications for restoring the NOC. You never know, before NOC restoration 5 marla (most common category) was at 3.5 m and with NOC sorted out that jumped to 5.0 all of a sudden - Block A & B, so if NOC gets challenged or revoked again, not sure where would that person stands that bought it at 5.0 million (the current peak).

Its a Politician's project, so some years that is best, and when the circumstances or political scenarios change, politician's project and assets suffer and in this case, if and whenever such a situation arises, it will be common people who may be at the suffering end (I wish never).

Importantly, they are a competitor to Bahria Enclave - location, infrastructure and price wise. But Park View is starting prices at that level where Bahria Enclave has reached after a decade. So it sounds like a good project but too expensive and tricky.

The only charm would have been to averse that risk, if the prices were half than, that was a game on for those who missed Bahria Enclave!

They are advertising and promoting heavily and ultimately those costs gets added up to the price of the plot and ultimately paid by the buyer (e.g. Capital Smart City).

Thanks for your kind reply.but if u see the location is much better then behria enclave and near to islamabad in future water crisis will effect all societies but this society fall between two dams rawa dam and samly dam .do you suggest I can invest there .capital smart city is a fraud type scheme which is so far away from motorway .

Imtiaz Sb.

What you say about the main access of this place from the Curri road?

Is not it pathetic?

I think its a good project but risky, anything happen positive/negative in future so invest in it very carefully/wisely.

This project will literally kill Bahria Enclave sectors like H, M & J, if PTI forms next government. But if they don't than this project will take a pause again for at least next 5 years.

So it's a gamble that can go either way in near future.

Presently investment in DHA-5 is best among all Islamabad highway societies.

Phase-8, DHA-3/4 and rest of the family on Pindi bypass, would be the next candidate for appreciation in future.

Abdul Qayyum Sb.

There are no buyers for Islamabad highway societies for now. I personally know people who are trying to sale their plots but unable to find any buyers even when they are willing to accept lower offers. Right now boom is all towards new airport. People trying to exit from DHA and Bahria and invest close to new airport.

I personally don't understand this trend but people are moving fast towards new airport. DHA is also facing NAB investigation so for at least another few years DHA will be stagnant.

How many time people will visit new airport daily .once in year people visit airport friendly speaking the property market is not stable people still try to live near to islamabad because there offices are in Islamabad not in new airport

Abdul Qayyum sb,

I visited Park View City a couple of days ago. Overall access is not bad. Same situation as that of BE. Although Park View City comes anbit earlier than BE but I would say access to BE is still better than Park View.

Moreover, even considering the developed (tiny part) of Park View is years and years behind BE. Even main boulevard whatever 100 - 150 m whatever has been constructed is much narrower than BE, comparatively. For a 5 Marla posseson plot for 5 Million, I would say BE is a much better and easiest choice among the two, as of now and years to come.

Muhammed SB, it's not the airport, it's the road network and improved access that common buyers hope to improve to buy today (when it's still in reach) that will be profitable tomorrow!

Muhammad Khan Sb.

I fully agree with you. But this is Pakistan. Yahan ulti ganga behtee hai.

I absolutely hate Zone-II but it's a fact that everyone is investing towards new airport. Growth is so fast that in few years you will have societies touching limits of Fateh Jang.

It is strange if one says Capital smart city the only project where marketing cost will be paid by the customer... How about all other societies where they marketing... Many of these use agencies like Star marketing... Dont u think the cost of marketing in all such projects is paid by the customer...

so I would request we should share unbiased opinion about a project rather showing personal liking and disliking...

Dear Kamran,

The full sentence was "They are advertising and promoting heavily and... "

Yes, you are right. But one has to pick an example that is fresh and max people can recall to that easily (I have used e.g. in my sentence). Gulberg, Bahria etc. all do the same!

All the best to CSCI or whoever that delivers on their promises. My concern with CSCI is they are claiming 'Smart City' which is no more than marketing tactics to offer stuff at double the prices! Just read what exactly is a Smart City even at basic level and are these guys able to achieve that. Any one will highly doubt that. The point is to deliver the plot on ground first and than talk about making it Smart.

HRL can be a string name behind, however, we must not forget it was HRL partnering with other looters in DHA valley - even after a decade people are stuck in there...

CapitL smart City location on RDA map is far away from airport and motorway how come they convince people there access will b from motorway lol.its a scam HRL ditch people in past in shape of dha a valley I M afraid later they cutoff there nMe from project .i personally not trust on there project and there promises

Imtiaz Sb/JDM Sb.
Thanks for explaining on ground situation and I can surely buy explanation of the “road network betterment” in zone-2, asking people to buy.
It would not be long before CDA extends its jurisdiction all the way up to fatej Jang.
But RRR will prove an instrument to raise the prices in phase-8, DAH-3/4 and societies accessible from RRR (as I said above).
Comparing DHA-5 (being on IH signal free) to zone-2, I think it is a comparison of apple & orange!
Zone-2 will take a lot of time to become on par with signal free Islamabad worthiness.
However making money in short time from bharhchall, in zone-2, it might be preferable for short time. DHA-5 is solid but expensive than zone-2 which is the whole point of heavy buying if it is factually happening!
Talk of court cases!
Who is free from court cases, gents?
Even MC & GC in zone-2 have problem between themselves.
Imtiaz Sb. Once again thanks for the info of PVC.

I personally visit park view city Islamabad its 100 time better then CSCI .its location is good and better then BE which is far the nigh thing is you can get plot on instalments which is big relief in behria you can find 5 marla plots on same price non develop and far from main road .i would prefer park view city for future investment

Thanks for clarification Imtiaz... The only point was that other societies are doing the same... And many big giants are facing legal issues in the court too...

regarding ppl getting convinced yes/no is their personal final decision about investing far from currently populated areas of Islamabad and Rawalpindi...

yes you are right smart city is a buzz word being used in Pakistan by many societies for promotion...hardly few societies (i am talking about representatives) know about actual meaning of the concept...rather everyone try to tell ppl technological integration into the human/social/economic etc. Systems... Which is just a basic fraction of the actual concept...

I would second your suggestion on both CSCI and Park View to be careful and do the basic math and research...

Can you please advice me where to invest park view city islamabad or capital smart city Islamabad expert opinion needed

Park view city has great potential. It will have two access entrance at Kuri road and eventually one from banigala side. Bahria Enclave will be slaughtered in days if PTI forms next government and parkview city gets green light for 5 year non-stop development work.

Thanks @jdm sb for guidance