Property dispute on biyana

Assalam o alaikum friends, please guide me on the following matter:

I entered into a legal agreement to buy property from my relative. But the party is now not willing to honor the agreement being influential.

I had paid 10 lacs in cash as biyana. They are using the argument that since i paid the biyana in cash, i cannot enforce the contract as there is no proof of payment.

On the agreement, it clearly says that the party has received biyana of rs. 10 lacs.

Please guide what can i do in this situation as they are flatly refusing to transfer the property and not even returning my money.

Best way is to have some elder family members sit down and resolve this without going through all legal hassle.

For future, always make your cash payments in a bank and always write a receipt. All banks have 24/7 video footage available in case of any dispute that might arise in future.

I agree with brother JDM.

But its sad to say; sometimes even with receipts other party changed their mind (multiple reasons for that). Smooth transfers in Pakistan is hassle sometime.

I have listed my current experience here:

I have complaint BT as well, but no one bothered to take the action.

Siddique Bhai,

Not all but MOST of the dealers are scumbags with minds of a devil.

In your case not only this dealer but BT is also a culprit. All these dealers are registered with them and all shady business happens with management's patronage.

No honest dealer can survive a single day in these societies. Management will kick them out same day.

That is why Government should open Property Auction Houses in each districts and all property should be sold in front of public through open bidding process.

These auction houses will generate so much income that state will be able to provide free education to every kid in Pakistan with this money.

Agreed with suggestions above that involve your relatives etc to settle the dispute, but a cash receipt if signed on on biana agreement is there then the other party can not say that you don’t have proof.

JDM you are right, private societies have a lot of dirty dealers and I had bad experiences also

Ali, I am sorry to hear about your situation, and I have all my sympathy with you. But what you are undergoing is a learning lesson for everyone else in Pakistan. It is a fairly common thing in Pakistan to deal with friends and family and overlooking the due diligence and need for legal contract. As another member suggested to bring family elders or friends in between, and get whatever that you can get from the other party. I am sure you learned a lesson as not to trust anyone when it comes to money.