Rawalpindi ring road scam fallouts?

Which societies to be affected ?

Dear Qurreshi,

According to report and start enquiries.

1-NOVA City

2-New Airport City


4-Ittehad City

4-Life Residencia

5-Ruden Enclave

6-SAS Developers


8-Top City


Pretty much all that on their FB pages highlight Ring More than Project Itself. I would avoid name-taking but anything in the alignment beyond Thalian will be affected the most.

The problem is that, as report suggests have sold much more than land they have.

RRR has got a hit temporarily but it will be in news soon enough.

Irony is that the report indicates that Previous (Chor Govt) Alignment was good enough while the New (NRO nahi Govt) has made a mess of an alignment with undue payments, once the new alignment got approved by CM and every one from ministers to bureaucrats.


As a rule of thumb any society that has gained in last 3-4 month is a candidate for crash in post RRR fiasco. With that criteria in mind please add these to your list.

1. Bahria Town Phase 8
2. Bahria Town Phase 8 extension
3. Bahria Orchards
4. DHA Phase III

Dealers/investors would try to off-load their holdings so they'll create a temporary price hike. Don't fall prey to it or you'll get stuck for a long time. Try to gain as much insight as possible. Visit location and society office to check prices at which actual trade is being done. Better wait till the market settles somewhere. Don't rush it. Distress buying or selling is always prone to loss.

Aglay 2-3 saal k liye ring road ko bhool jao aur sirf solid possession walay projects pay focus karo, mein nay kabhi bhi rrr say related kis project pay invest nahi ki aur na hi kisi ko us ka mashwara dia.

Nasir sb
All 4 listed above, if developed, might come down a bit but will gain again. DHA-3 is beyond RRR as it is directly stood on GT road.
Orchard & extension developed plot could take 2-3 years but will never put investment in loss, In Shaa Allah.
In muhallas abadees, when a Marla costs no less than 7-8 Lacs per marla, how come bahria standard plot would not be preferable ?
People are now understanding this aspect and you can see rush in bahria main office where now 45 days wait before you can start house construction..

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Sir Nasir,AQ,Khalid and Nadem.i m looikng five marla ready plot with all basic facilities where i can start immediately construction.allah app sab ko ajar daa

Isloo1 i think you’re wrong as i visited PH8 where people are living with all facilities.my sister is living there since three years without any issue.i am searching plot ali or E1 but fail less than 4.5M.mara khail ma app dusmani ma itna ger chuka hain ka app kisi ka be laiz nie karta.lga rhao ior gertha jo.

Malik sb
Ignore these folks.
Sir, phase-8, M block is good for small plots and there is good pace of houses in M block and you can start house right away.
Then good place is & appreciating is L block where you can get a 5 Marla good location at 35 Lacs and category bit more.
Sector E1 stood passive for longer time but now coming up at good pace and size is 6 Marla there.
We are in phase-8 all the time and seeing huge rush in construction activity in almost entire phase 8, except comprised filling areas such as Rafi block.
Ali block, you can get 5 Marla but no road shoulders and during rain mud on the streets ...better opt for M or L near elephant chowk.
Alternately, explore a 5 Marla in bahria garden city zone-5A, which is attached to DHA-3 and will cost you 45 Lacs but lush green environments.

AQ sir what about Garden city and ali block in this budget?

Malik sb
Ali block good plot 5 Marla touching 50 but still 45 could be possible.
Now little corrections might take place after RRR failure.
Ali block is a thick papulation now and resale & rental potential will be better but garden city, though eye catching, but still tanwan tanwa house but attached to DHA-3, which is a plus point. But garden city one does have a nice beautiful fresh double road joining the GT road, just 3 km, which is also a big plus, too.
I took a 5 Marla for my daughter house in GC zone 5A.
Remember, sir, a 5 Marla in DHA-3 had gone up to 65 Lacs just adjacent.

I Agree with Abdul Qayyum Sab. The Property Boom was not only due to RRR. But many other factors. Foreigners Prefer to invest in Groups. & Majority of them are the investors in DHAs & Bahria. Amnesty scheme & Housing loans are the further catalysts to upbring the prices.

Bahria & DHA3 are not dependent on RRR. They are already having access with GT Road. A second access will be a plus point.

The societies having only One Access and that is RRR will only be the losers.

@Humayyun, situation will be clear about BT and DHA 3 within few months as the holding power of investors recedes. If at all linked with RRR then massive price correction or else will remain at same level or slightly down. The central premise of my point is to send alert signal to investors about highly volatile nature of the market. So they should protect their investment.

Also, it is not strictly about access, but the usual "dealer game" that they play with the news. And there had been massive price rise in BT and DHA in past few months when RRR news broke out, that you should independently check.

Dealers play short-term game, they pick files/plots in bulk at positive trigger and off-load when it turns negative. Usually, they can hold for a couple of months, so you can easily out-smart them in this game by properly timing your investment.

DHA Phase 3 Sector A where minimum price of 5.33 marla stand at 75 lakhs and above .These rise is in price is due to construction of several houses by Zammen ACE group ;and it has nothing to do with RRR.please note that the price of 80 lakhs to 85 lakhs is asking for category plots and plots on street 18 wide street.

Dear Maqshuf,

Not just in sector A even sector B 5 marla asking 75 lakh and my plots 30x60 in street 37 and 39 dealer offer me 85 to 90 lakh which i purchased in last year August in price of 56 to 58 lakh.it rise not belongs to RRR.it all to good access close to GT road and lot of construction activities.


Dha-3 or Dha-5 never ever down and i challenge to those who claim Dha-3 rise due to RRR.Dha-3 access front to Giga and beside zaraj housing and zita mall lot of new commercial around Dha-2 and Dha-3.


Dear Malik Usman,

I think Ali block is best because of lot of commercial around it and other hand Garden city is best but remember there is no commercial nearby.M and E-1 is good but still there is no Gas so try to find in Ali block within your budget.


@nadem thanks,yes i visited ali but asking 5marla 50 to 60 lkh one dealer KK property ph-7 show me one plot in 45 but it close to village side.tomorrow going to visit garden city zone5a let see.

@ Isloo1 Bhai

The recent news is Govt is going to extend Amenity by 6 more months. This will be a good support news. Secondly The property rates you have on $ rate 105 could not remain the same for long when $ rate becomes above 150-160 Rupees. The rates had to jump. The only thing that was hurdle in the rate jump was PTI govt policies against Real estate sector Due to Black money parking. As they lift the restrictions in last year April 2020, The rates climbed to attain the equilibrium. And i think once equilibrium has attained, Its difficult to push down the market when There is a mix of good & bad news for the real-estate industry. Furthermore a Loan policy for housing & Further relaxation in the loan giving policies will keep on creating demand for realestate.

Last week i went DHA phase 3 New pindi city side, & was amazed see the pace of development work. Same opinion for Bahria Phase 8 extension. So if RRR Stucks for long, I think Rates will become static at the same levels instead of any rise or decline.

Furthermore, I think A lot of investment that was due for Ruden enclave, CSCI, Nova City, Life Residecia etc, Will stop. It will find new avenues and the genuine & Developing sectors of the societies Like Bahria town Phase 8 extension, DHA 3, Gulberg Residencia, B-17 G Block will see a further demand. When the rate of everything has rised due to Devaluation of currency, Inflation, Scarcity, & Rise in demand, Real-estate is also a commodity to sell, & An avenue for the investment. The pakistani real-estate is majorly derived by overseas pakistanis. & Its true that their income in terms of Money has increased due to devaluation, & Property rates could not remains stagnant for long.

Its my opinion, Anyone can have a different point of view.