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After Kalma Chowk Flyover, Ferozpur Road now gets parking plazas

April 6, 2012 • news

Ferozpur is one of the busiest roads in Lahore and connects various important parts of the city with each other as well as with other highways. A diverse range of traffic can be seen here during different parts of the day and night. Many public busses and vans use this route for reaching southern part of the city, as Ferozpur road is the main link between the city and the housing societies newly developed in the south of Lahore. It is believed that these housing societies will benefit from all developments done on Ferozpur Road and experience an increase in their value of real estate in Pakistan.

The maddening traffic here affected thousands and thousands of people who travelled daily on this route and remained stuck for hours at different points on Ferozpur Road. Finally, a flyover was added in the Kalma Chowk in Aug 2011 to lower the traffic pressure. This flyover has reduced the 60% load on that signal and now the chowk is no more packed with heavy traffic of all sorts. All such developments combine to strengthen the value of commercial as well as residential property in Lahore and encourage developers to extend their projects in the southern and western part of the city.

The current Cheif Minister of Punjab Mr. Shahbaz Sharif do not appear satisfied with the traffic condition on Ferozpur Road and believes that a lot more is required to be done in order to lubricate the traffic here. The commitment of the Chief Minister is not limited to fixing the traffic condition on roads but he is determined to deliver fine and flawless public projects to the people at large. He believes that public transport system needs improvement so that people do not feel miserable while travelling on public busses and thus playing their part in reducing the pollution in Lahore and traffic load on its road.

The busy commercial areas on Ferozpur Road are causing traffic issue on both the service lanes and Mr. Sharif has a plan to fix. He said that a parking plaza would be shortly constructed on the Ferozpur Road to address the parking issue. He did not reveal more details about the project but it is very encouraging to note that his efforts are not meant to benefit a particular class or group of people but are directed towards making people’s life easier.