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An update on Lahore Ring Road

March 24, 2016 • news


The Lahore Ring Road Authority (LRRA) is currently busy acquiring land for the southern loop of the Lahore Ring Road (LRR). Affectees in Bahria Town, those who may see the route intersect their area, still await the resolution of their issues.

On March 22, the LRRA summoned landowners of Tarogil Village and Pakistan Medical Housing Society to discuss the issues they have about handing over their land to the authority for the development of the southern loop.

The meeting was called through the following notice:


LRR affectees in Bahria Town were also in attendance. They questioned LRRA officials about their land acquisition plans in the locality, to which the officials replied that the authority is proceeding with its work in a gradual manner and there are no apparent plans to change the LRR route.

In one of my previous posts on the issue, I shared details about a notice from Bahria Town which clearly stated that the LRR would not cut through the society.

Please see the notice in question below:


In the aftermath of the notice, posters denying the alleged change in the LLR’s route were put up in different places in Bahria Town. Later on, it was confirmed that these posters were distributed by the LRRA itself. However, in anther confusing twist, these posters were removed shortly after.

Below is an images of the poster:


The LRR affectees recently held another meeting with Malik Riaz, during which the property tycoon once again assured them that he is trying his best to change the route and urged them to stop fretting about the issue.

Meanwhile, the LRRA has started its procedure to acquire land in Tarogil Village and Pakistan Medical Housing Society – both of which are located in close vicinity of Bahria Town’s Tulip Extension.

So, in a nutshell, Bahria Town’s LRR affectees are still in turmoil because they are clueless about the fate of their properties. However, I personally believe that LRR affectees should listen to Malik Riaz at this point in time.  I wish all of them the very best of luck and hope that their all their grievances are taken care of soon.

It is worth noting that while property prices in Bahria Town’s clear blocks are consistently increasing, those blocks that will potentially be affected by the LRR route are not seeing much activity these days.

If you have any further queries in mind, please feel free to converse with me in the comments section below.