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Commercial Activities Are Declared Illegal In The Residential Colonies By LHC

June 27, 2012 • news

On hearing of a petition seeking de-sealing of a marriage hall in a residential area of Larex Colony, Justice Khalid Mehmood Khan of the Lahore High Court has dismissed a petition by declaring that commercial activities are illegal to conduct in residential areas. The commercial activities in residential areas are against the fundamental rights of the citizen, the judge further added.

While arguing, advocate Muhammed Azhar Siddique said that earlier court objected that marriage hall was constructed on 10 marla. It should at least of 3 kanal. According to petitioner’s counsel, these remarks were given when Sohail Babar, brother of the defendant, requested the court to direct local government to de-seal the marriage hall.

Azhar argued that continuation and de-sealing of marriage hall was clearly a violation of fundamental human rights as all the residents of the area were in problem due to commercial activities. The defendant’s counsel said that marriage hall was built on 10 marla and the land was under the possession of Pakistan Railways and did not come within the jurisdiction of the local government.

The Assistant Advocate General told that marriage hall was sealed earlier on 13th April, 2010 but later it was de-sealed. If land was under the legal possession of Railways but the building matters were under the control of district level local government. He further told that marriage hall was sealed legally so he requested the court to dismiss petition of the petitioner.
After hearing the arguments, the court dismissed petition.