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Department extends property tax submission date

October 1, 2015 • news


Yesterday, we talked (probably too much!) about the timely submission of property taxes. This is because September 30 was widely promulgated as the last date to pay them off. With the best intentions, we even bashed taxed defaulters. You can read that post here. But today, we have some fresh developments to share with you.

The Department of Excise & Taxation has favourable news for those who intend to settle their accounts and pay property taxes, albeit a little late, in an attempt to contribute towards the economic development of the country. The property tax submission date has been extended to October 31. So, now that you have another month, get to filing!

We couldn’t help but wonder why the department decide to extend the date. To find out the reasons, we contacted the section officer (SO) of the department.

“The date to submit property tax was extended because we realised that it was difficult for the people to make funds available, especially after all their expenditures during Eid-ul-Azha,” said the SO.

He also acknowledged that the challan forms could not be sent to all the people who were supposed to receive them.

“There were errors in some of the tax challans sent, which made an extension of the date necessary. Now, people have a month to lodge complaints (if required), get the errors rectified and pay their taxes,” the SO stated.

“However, the date to pay property taxes will not be extended again,” he added conclusively.

And that’s not all. There’s some more good news for you folks. You can still avail a discount of 5% on property tax payment for settling your accounts with the tax department until October 31.

Here’s an important reminder: If you will fail to make the payment, you will have to shoulder a surcharge of 1% tax, which will be implemented on the 1st of every month after the final date of submission.

The Department of Excise & Taxation has, for the first time, taken a decision such as this to facilitate people. Reportedly, the director general of the department forwarded the request for extension to the CM Secretariat. It was promptly approved and the taxation department implemented the decision with immediate effect.

You might not be happy with what the government is doing with the tax money, but you must play your part as a responsible citizen. This is the only way things will get better. Every drop in the ocean counts. So, let’s be optimistic and pay all the taxes to take part in the development of the country.

If you have further queries about property taxes in mind, you know you can have a conversation with me in the comments section below. Happy tax season!