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Excise Department Ordered To Undertake Taxation Survey

April 25, 2013 • news

The care taker government has ordered the excise department to issue a survey regarding collection of taxes. Not only that, the excise officials have the duty to categorize areas and impose taxes accordingly. With this many areas posing to be category C will be graded in category A so that taxes can be applied according to the property value. This survey is going to generate millions of rupees worth revenue for the excise department.

This survey was being forestalled in previous governments. The taxes will be renewed and many land owners who have been paying taxes as per the tax rate of 2002 will be now paying according to the revised rates. Strict instructions have been given to the excise departments regarding achieving recovery targets of previous un-paid taxes. The sources have reported that in case of faulty performance of the excise inspectors many will be issued show cause notices as well.