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FBR in talks with marble industry to impose 17% tax

August 22, 2019 • news

Peshawar: The Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) has decided to impose a 17% tax on marble tiles and other marble products, according to a news source. Prior to commencing with the new rate imposition, the taxation authority has opened negotiations with industry owners to discuss the proposal.

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This tax will be imposed on marble products across the country. Previously, no tax was being charged on marble products in the province and according to a recent State Bank study, the use of marble tiles in construction business has increased by 17% in the (fiscal year) FY2019.

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As per reports, Pakistan has a total of 391 marble reservoirs and nine of them are located in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. The country has a total of 779 marble factories that produce 39 types of marble products. Out of these 779 manufacturing units, 45 operate in Peshawar, five in Nowshera, 201 in Rawalpindi, 1,919 in Karachi, 96 in Lahore, 47 in Gujranwala, two in Faisalabad, and 18 in Quetta.