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Fee of PKR 1,000 fixed for appeals in Benami matters

March 12, 2019 • news

Islamabad: The Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) has fixed a PKR 1,000 fee for filing any Benami-related appeal before the Federal Appellate Tribunal (FAT), a news source reported.

Under the Benami Transactions Rules 2019 framework, an appeal to FAT may be filed against the orders of the adjudicating authorities relating to matters concerned with benami accounts and assets. Now, the appeal form will require a one-thousand rupees fee deposit for further processing.

Any officer aggrieved by the orders of the adjudication authorities can legally file an appeal with the tribunal.

Reportedly, the form is to mention ‘the grounds of objection’ to the order which have been appealed against. These reasons need to be numbered consecutively, and should specify the service address at which notices of the Federal Appellate Tribunal may be served to the appellant.

The form also needs to include the date at which the order appealed against was notified to the appellant.

The appeal can only be filed within a period of 45 days following the adjudication. Where the appeal is made after the expiry of this timeframe, it needs to be accompanied by a petition detailing the cause of the delay.