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Have you ever wondered what happened of Balakot after 2005 earthquake?

January 2, 2014 • news

balakotIt seems that our nation is suffering from a short term memory loss. We are so busy in our daily routines that we tend to forget our brother and sisters who suffer daily by missing basis necessities of life. It wasn’t long ago when the entire Pakistan quivered from the earthquake of 2005. This earthquake claimed lives of hundreds of thousand of people and left countless seriously injured. Do we know or care to know how they are doing right now?

It is no exaggeration that the entire nation stood firm and devoted to help the victims of the October 2005 earthquake and showed exemplary acts of kindness and generosities. The aid, which came from all around the world, also helped in rescue and rehabilitation of the survivors. Reconstruction is still in process in some parts of the affected area. About 3000 earthquake proof houses were distributed in Balakot alone since the city was completely wiped out due to that massive earthquake.

As soon as the aid reached the affected areas of Pakistan, tents and camps were being sold in the local markets. Not just that, those camps, which evaded the markets and managed to reach the affected areas, were later used utilised to camp tourists near the riversides of the frequently visited hill stations.

Only recently I observed in a news article published by Dawn Newspaper that hordes of people protested in Balakot against the unfair distribution of the of prefabricated houses among families living in the red zone. The distribution was done by Earthquake Reconstruction and Rehabilitation Authority (ERRA). These prefabricated houses were meant for the survivors who got married before of just after that devastating earthquake of 2005, but ERRA officials filed to distribute these houses as per the criteria.

Such things happen under our very nose and all we care about is the new launch of a new smart phone, protests of the opposition parties and TV serials like “Mera Sultan”. We need to be more diligent towards our country and contribute to make it a better place instead of selfishly fulfilling our desires. Let’s prepare to reform ourselves before it is too late!