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ICHS Town – Islamabad welcomes yet another housing project

October 13, 2015 • news

The looming mountains, the serenity, and the lush green beauty of the federal capital cannot be denied. It has repeatedly been crowned one of the most beautiful capitals of the world, but it features housing of all kinds – from slums to the most posh, gated societies.

Islamabad Corporate Housing Society (ICHS)’s new project, ICHS Town, is a promising addition to the motley of housing options in the city. However, just where it stands in terms of quality has yet to be determined.

Here, we’ll give you all the facts so you can decide on your own! Let’s get started.


ICHS Town, located within the vicinity of the New Islamabad International Airport, offers a fully-facilitated and relaxing living experience amidst the peaceful backdrop of Islamabad. It is spread over 1500 kanal and specifically designed to facilitate middle-class families who prefer a high-quality lifestyle.

The developer is fully aware of the advantages of this beautiful location and highlights it in the advertising campaign. The proximity to the new airport, and also to State Life Society and Sawan Garden, is great for its future prospects.

The society promises the usual amenities, including schools, hospitals, a park, 24/7 security surveillance, a jogging track, a community centre and mini golf club, a commercial market, masjids, and a sports complex. According to a source, the developer has reserved approximately 9-15 kanals of land for parks alone! Investors should also not worry about electricity, gas, and regular water supply.

Options & Affordability

The project is divided into 5 blocks named Blocks A, B,C,D, & E. The society features 5-marla, 7-marla, 10-marla, and 1-kanal plots which can be purchased on a three and a half year payment plan. The plots are priced very economically: the current price of the 5-marla plot is PKR 775,000, the 7-marla plot is PKR 1,050,000, the 10-marla plot is PKR 1,500,000, and the 1-kanal plot is PKR 2,650,000. Payment can conveniently be spread over monthly or quarterly instalments.

Development is reportedly about 70% complete and the main gate and roads have been constructed. Booking commenced on October 1 and is still open for interested investors. However, possession is due to be granted within a period of 2-3 years because a substantial number of instalments still need to be made and development work needs to be completed.

Sources state that investors and potential residents are showing healthy interest in the society and real estate activity is currently steady. Once link roads and the main boulevards are constructed, which give the society easy access to other parts of the city, rates of the plots are likely to double.

Currently, smaller plots such as the 5-marla ones are more popular amongst investors because they are more affordable and well within the budget of many.

Some may claim that this society does not have a competitive edge over other emerging societies, but we’ve seen time and time again how adopting the simple and economical approach often becomes a more feasible option. Opinions will always vary, such is the name of the game. Time will tell how well ICHS Town fares.

All we can do is wish the project the very best of luck!

How well do you think this housing society will do? Let me know in the comments section below.