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Influx of tourists reported in rain-soaked Thar desert

September 11, 2019 • news

Mithi: Due to a heavy monsoon season, the Thar desert has received an influx of millions of tourists attracted by the beauty of its rare green pastures and mountains, a news source reported. The people of Thar are said to be relieved after the rain-dependent, arid region, received much more rain than expected, after the severe drought throughout 2018.

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Tharparkar Deputy Commissioner (DC) Dr Shahzad Tahir Thaheem told the press that Parkar received more than 300 mm of rain, while Kaloi, Mithi and Islamkot received 266 mm, 235 mm, and 220 mm respectively. The Karoonjhar hills turned green, and pastures in the area were filled with shrubs and grass.

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Dahli and Chhachhro talukas received a little more than 100 mm of rain each, which is not sufficient for crop growth in the region. But despite this, the area now had enough fodder for animals.

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The influx of tourists was due to pictures of greenery in Thar going viral over social media, the DC has said. He also said that the district administration of Tharparkar was willing to facilitate visits of the national and international media to the region so they may pull in even more visitors.