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Karachi: Funds approved for reconstruction of 20 km portion of Super Highway

January 23, 2009 • news

Karachi: Federal Communications Minister Arbab Alamgir Khan has approved a Rs300 million project for the reconstruction of a 20-kilometre-long portion of the Super Highway. He has directed the National Highway Authority (NHA) to carry out the project on the specifications of M-9 (Karachi-Hyderabad) Motorway.

During a visit to the Karachi-Hyderabad Super Highway, the minister expressed annoyance and dissatisfaction over the performance of the NHA for poor maintenance of the Super Highway and termed the NHA’s performance as “pathetic.”

The minister observed that instead of carrying out ordinary repair of the highway by the NHA authorities, the north-bound 20-kilometre-long patch of the road should be reconstructed on M-9 specifications.

“When the construction of M-9 motorway commences, there would be no need to reconstruct this patch and spend extra money on it if the specified portion is constructed on the specifications of the future motorway,” he said.

Khan directed NHA authorities to float international tenders for the construction of the M-9 Motorway and to prefer an international firm for the construction of the Karachi-Hyderabad motorway.

He was informed that the firm M/s Standard Company, which was awarded the contract for the construction of the M-9 Motorway, not only submitted fake bank surety with the NHA but also managed to get a stay order from the court when action was initiated against it. Khan said the court would hopefully vacate the stay order in the next hearing and directed the NHA to expedite the pre-qualification and tender-awarding procedure.

The M-9 motorway would be 136 kilometres long and it would reduce the duration of travel between Karachi and Hyderabad by one hour. The project is estimated to be completed within two years from its commencement.

Khan also expressed dissatisfaction over the pace of development work on the Phuleli Bridge near Jamshoro and directed NHA officials to expedite work.

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