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Khamas Group to invest $100 million in Lahore real estate

January 26, 2012 • news





Be it cultural or political front, Lahore has always been able to grasp much attention. There are various great things associated with this city including spicy food spots, historical buildings, lush gardens, famous colleges, lively people and of course the flourishing Lahore real estate. All of these traits have been source of pride for the residents of Lahore and force of attraction for the international investors. Many foreign projects are running successfully in Lahore making the city very safe and conducive for foreign investment. Several similar projects are under consideration and some have now moved from papers to ground.

Khamas Group, one of the prominent real estate developers from UAE, is among the companies interested in investing in Lahore real estate. Director of Khamas Group of Companies, Salah Khamas, believes that Lahore is the city of opportunities therefore the company plans to finalize a $100 million investment deal in residential sector of the city. According to Khamas, Lahore has been offering him a homey ambience from the last more than 25 years that is why he believes that investing a $100 million here would be a great idea as well as a safe investment. The company intends to invest in other cities, including Karachi, Islamabad and Gwadar, too.

Some of the details of the project were revealed by the director while talking to a local newspaper. According to him, the planned housing project will include playgrounds, commercial markets, residential areas, parks, community centres, and recreational areas and many other modern facilities. The reducing unrest in the country is motivating the company to extend the range of its investment in country and it hopes that the Government of Pakistan will ensure further stability in country’s social, political, judicial, and economic sector. Khamas Group believes that Pakistan property has lots of potential for foreign investment and the indicators show that robust investment will soon be witnessed in this sector.

It was interesting to note that the group is targeting low-income people through this planned housing project in Lahore. Not only this, the very project will create new jobs in Lahore as all the man power, experts and professionals will be hired from Pakistan and the company will only use the logistics moved here from the UAE.