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Lahore seems to chuck out parking problem

December 19, 2013 • news


The historical city of Lahore is expanding its bounds as population of the metropolis is increasing. From time to time, new residential localities and commercial settings are being added to the roster of Lahore’s developments.

With increasing population and developments, the cities usually become congested and mobbed because of which parking problems arise, especially around the commercial sites. Lahore, however, seems to be very well chucking out parking issues because enough parking spaces, especially dedicated parking plazas are becoming the fate of the city.

Now, Lahore has various parking plazas. Recently, a dedicated parking plaza has been launched at Moon Market, Allama Iqbal Town. With this plaza, the parking issues that lately prevailed in the Moon market will fizzle out. Moreover, D-Plaza in Shah Alam market well serves the parking needs. Shah Alam Market, most of the time, buzzes with traffic. And D-plaza is a blessing for the people visiting this market.

Beautifully constructed, the parking plaza at Liberty round about, on its first look does not actually seem to be a parking plaza. In fact, it is a state of the art parking setting introduced by the Government of Punjab. And last but not the least, another parking plaza that caters to the parking needs of the people is located at the Lawrence Road.

All the parking plazas are built near the commercial markets because of which they prove to be very efficacious in attending to the parking needs. In form of these dedicated parking plazas, the city provides capacious parking spaces for which parking issues are now considerably reduced in the city.

It is good to see that Lahore is resolving such issues, but what about the other cities that are unattended in this regard. In Punjab, the city of Lahore gets a major share of development projects, but the citizens of other cities still look forward to such amenities. The Government of Punjab needs to pay heed to other cities as well because they also elected to see this government in the reign to address their all sorts of needs.