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LDA Sealed Offices Of Five Housing Schemes

March 28, 2014 • news

LDA plans to launch 3 new projects in Lahore

Lahore – The Estate Management Wing (EMW) of Lahore Development Authority has sealed offices of five housing schemes. The offices were sealed for non-execution of mortgage/transfer deeds of the sites of public utility under the name of Lahore Development Authority.

Housing schemes, whose offices were sealed, include Pak Rajpoot Housing Scheme, Nespak Housing Scheme, Ghee Corporation Cooperative Housing Scheme, Revenue Employees Cooperative Housing Scheme and Board of Revenue Society.

According to a spokesman of the LDA, the EMW also sealed the office of Ghausia Town because it was built on a site reserved for an open space. Moreover, in PIA Housing Society, an encroachment on a land reserved for hospital was also demolished.