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Master plan commission to get a consultant soon

February 22, 2019 • news

Islamabad: The master plan commission for Islamabad will benefit from the services of a hired consultant soon, a news source reported.

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The sub-committee, constituted for developing the master plan, presented the terms of reference (TORs) for hiring the consultant. It also presented a draft for the Expression of Interest (EOI) advertisement. Before the finalisation of the draft, the commission will conduct further deliberation over it.

The second sub-committee, which is responsible for finalising the areas to be studied for the master plan, shared its recommendations and proposals before the commission.

Additionally, the commission has requested a consolidated and comprehensive report within two weeks. It also plans to hold public hearings on various aspects of the master plan. For this purpose, Pakistan Environment Protection Agency (Pak-EPA) Director General will present a proposal in the timeframe mentioned. It will outline the organisation of workshops for professionals and other stakeholders.

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Retired civil servants, residents of the city, residents of slums, members of the business community & the chambers of commerce, media personnel, former Capital Development Authority (CDA) chairmen, professionals, and students will be invited to the workshops and public hearings.