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On-going infrastructural developments in Lahore

December 18, 2012 • news

Being the capital of Punjab and home to many important offices, Lahore receives a lot of attention. The city also faces population influx from adjoining towns and villages. During last one decade, the number of vehicles and public transport facilities in Lahore has increased to a huge extent and suffocated the once calm and romantic roads of the city.

To address the biggest problem of Lahore i.e. traffic overload, some serious developments, including the construction of Lahore Ring Road, Kalma Chowk overhead bridge, widening of Multan Road, and Lahore Metro project have been witnessed in the city during the course of the last couple of years. The on going projects of infrastructural development in Lahore include:

Rehabilitation of MM Alam Road

MM Alam Road has been waiting for the attention of concerned authorities for a long time and has finally received its share from the fund meant for Lahore’s development. A lot of unused space on both sides of MM Alam Road suggests that despite the heavy load of traffic on it, there is enough room here to lubricate the flow.

Kalma Chowk Underpass

The construction of Kalma Chowk overhead bridge left everyone in Lahore believing that traffic problems will now be solved here. The construction of this bridge helped authorities find out that traffic from Ferozpur Road was not the main culprit in chocking Kalma Chowk. Good news is that the underpass will lead a major chunk of traffic towards Barkat Market without clogging Kalma Chowk. The robust construction work on the busiest four-way of Lahore suggests that the underpass will soon be open for traffic.

Model Town underpass

Ferozpur Road has serious issues because the traffic here is very nasty. Addressing the traffic issues here mean reducing travelling distance and hassle for more than a million people who use this route daily. The roads linking major colonies located around Ferozpur Road need to be accessible because real estate value of property in this part of Lahore depends largely on it. With construction of Model Town underpass, Ferozpur Road will breathe more easily.