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Online payment gateway activated for DHA City Karachi

July 2, 2015 • news


There’s good news for DHA City Karachi investors: payments of DHA City Karachi (DCK) dues can now be made online through the HBL Online Payment Gateway. Previously, the payments were made in person at the DHA Karachi Office located in Phase I and until now, regardless of the location of their properties, plot-owners and DCK members had to face the hassle of travelling all the way to Phase I to submit their quarterly dues. Online payments will certainly be way more convenient.

The change was an inevitable one since public interest in DCK is increasing and a lot of existing and potential investors of DCK live abroad. An online mode of payment will make things simpler for them. For this, DCK has chosen HBL, since HBL’s internet payment design matches the sort of service DHA has been extending to its clients since its inception. Offering the convenience of online payment can help people not delay their investment decisions because of the absence of a suitable payment mode.

Though it might seem less daunting to some, the fact remains that the absence of an online payment mechanism keeps many overseas brothers and sisters from investing in real estate back home. These folks wait for their annual leaves or a proper occasion to pay a visit to their homeland to find the right deal for their hard-earned.

In case of DHA – consistently the most reliable real estate developer in Pakistan – potential investors do not need much convincing, but they do need a payment mode that doesn’t require them or their relatives to visit the offices on a regular basis. In case of DCK, the online payment mode seems to be the missing link between overseas Pakistanis and the lifestyle that awaits them in the project.

DCK is going to be the first sustainable, green and smart city of Pakistan and although it is considered to be one of the many real estate developments of Karachi, the project is set to become a full-scale development – a city on its own. It offers tempting amenities and features such as triple-layer security in each block, international schools and universities, central business, educational, cultural, health and commercial districts, energy generation through renewable means, and dozens of other good stuff.

The project is on track to become liveable by 2016. If you, too, have been looking to invest in DCK and have only been reluctant because of the lack of an online payment mode, your prayers have been answered.

I will cover the project from different aspects from time to time and meanwhile, if you wish to have a look at the DHA City Karachi properties for sale, please visit this page.