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Operation against encroachments on shrines to launch soon

February 28, 2018 • news

Rawalpindi: The Auqaf and Religious Affairs Department has decided to launch an operation against encroachment on shrines, according to a news source. Lists are also being prepared based on complaints filed against people involved in illegal construction and leasing out of shops around these shrines.

The Auqaf Department has been receiving complaints from all over the province that caretakers of these shrines are involved in encroachment and illegal construction of shops and stalls, for which they keep the generating income in the form of rent. Responding to these complaints, the department has instructed the sub office in District Rawalpindi to identify such shrines and get an estimate of how much rent these caretakers have been pocketing.

The Auqaf Department will send notices for getting the possession of these shops, which will be auctioned and generate revenue for the department. In case the notices are not responded, the shops will be treated as encroachment and will be demolished.

The operation in this regard will begin soon, for which the district administration will also be engaged.