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PDMA shares public-safety tips for monsoon season

June 25, 2019 • news

Lahore: The Provincial Disaster Management Authority (PDMA) has shared safety instructions for the public ahead of the monsoon season.

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In its message shared through a publication, the PDMA has advised the citizens to implement the following measures:

  • Repair dilapidated buildings and houses before the start of the monsoon season, or abandon these structures
  • Avoid living or spending time in under-construction buildings
  • Repair roof leaks and install proper rainwater drainage system
  • Do not swim or bathe in canals and rivers during monsoon
  • Do not fill sewers and surface water drains with trash
  • Do not touch electrical appliances with wet hands
  • Remove furniture and any other valuables from the basement, especially in areas below ground level
  • Have adequate medicine supply to deal with an epidemic breakout
  • Keep a close eye on weather updates
  • Keep your children away from electrical wires, cables, and power poles

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In case of an emergency, you can contact the authority at this helpline: 1129