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PKR 9.17 bn allocated for waters, sewerage projects in Rawalpindi

June 20, 2019 • news

Rawalpindi: The Punjab government has allocated funds worth PKR 9.15 billion for 74 water supply and sanitation schemes for Rawalpindi Division.

Read: PKR 9.17 bn allocated for waters, sewerage projects in Rawalpindi

The provincial government has allocated these funds under its Annual Development Programme (ADP) for the (fiscal year) FY2019-20.

By launching these schemes, the executive anticipates the provision of an improved water & sewerage infrastructure in Rawalpindi, Jhelum, Attok, Chakwal, Murree, Kotli Satiyan, Gojar Khan, Talagang, Fateh Jang, Kallar Kahar, and Pind Dadan Khan.

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As per reports, the government has announced the following allocations:

  • PKR 4.25 billion for River Jhelum bulk water supply project (Murree)
  • PKR 1.12 billion for 19 water supply projects (rural areas of Rawalpindi)
  • PKR 1.1 billion for Khai Dam & water supply schemes (Chakwal)
  • PKR 30.48 million for water supply schemes (Murree and Kotli Satiyan)
  • PKR 50 million for sewerage and road projects (Rawalpindi Cantt)
  • PKR 140.48 million for rehabilitation of streets (Gojar Khan)
  • PKR 40 million for a water supply line project (Rawalpindi Cantt)
  • PKR 50 million for fixing drains and streets (Rawal Town)
  • PKR 10.2 million for a water supply project (Dulah City)
  • PKR 110.89 million for construction of 10 link roads (Rawalpindi)
  • PKR 130.30 million for five drainage scheme projects (Attock)
  • PKR 20.85 million for construction of link road (Jand Tehsil)
  • PKR 20.25 million for water supply projects (Ferozwala Pindi Ghaib)
  • PKR 130.14 million for sewerage projects (Attock)
  • PKR 260.4 million for water supply and drainage projects (Chakwal)
  • PKR 250.96 million for water supply, streets, and sewerage drain projects (Talagang)
  • PKR 80.17 million for water supply and sewerage projects (Jhelum)
  • PKR 370.3 million water supply project for Fazaia Housing Scheme (Tarnol Town)
  • PKR 20.45 million for expansion and rehabilitation of water supply project (Murree)
  • PKR 460.99 million for water supply project in (Fateh Jang)
  • PKR 30.33 million for Kalar Kahar Water Supply Project
  • PKR 80.68 million for Talagan water supply project
  • PKR 290.88 million for phase two of Pind Dadan Khan water supply project