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Plantation float set to beautify Rawalpindi

February 18, 2019 • news

Rawalpindi: The Parks and Horticulture Authority (PHA) has prepared a plantation float to beautify Rawalpindi, reported a news source. The float will move around the city to distribute plants and promote Pothohari culture.

As per the PHA’s plan, the float will move door-to-door in the city’s streets to distribute fruit-bearing, vegetable, and evergreen tree saplings. Its journey will start on February 20. To attract more people to the plantation drive, several renowned artists will also perform on the float.

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According to PHA Chairman Asif Mehmood, students, traders, and social figures will also be onboard. The PHA has picked plants that are suitable for the region and the coming spring season.

As part of this campaign, the DHA plans to plant around 700,000 saplings. Considering the space issues within houses, the PHA will also provide saplings that can grow in crates, old tiles, pots, and flowerbeds.

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The float plantation drive will last for a period of one month. To help the campaign achieve its targets, students will plant trees in empty spaces, greenbelts, parks, and alongside the city’s roads. PHA has a plan in place to take care of the trees planted in open public places.