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Police Registers An Fir Against Property Tycoon In Land Grabbing Case

December 19, 2012 • news

According to news, police of Bhara Kahu after delay of one month has registered an FIR against Malik Riaz in a land grabbing case. Though the son of property tycoon Ali Riaz was also accused in the case but police omitted his name from the First Information Report registered on Tuesday.

This step has come about after the Chief Justice of Islamabad High Court, Iqbal Hameedur Rehman showed displeasure while hearing court plea filed by Zahid Hussain Raja over the conduct of IGP.

Last month, a court ordered police to file an FIR against the land grabbers who encroached 100 kanal of land owned by Mr. Zahid. Unfortunately police failed to file the FIR as per the orders. The petitioner scorned the court plea through his council Raja Rizwan Abbasi and Chief Justice ordered IGP to appear before the court after hearing his arguments.

IGP Bani Amin Khan assured the Chief Justice that he would present a copy of the FIR against the three accused in the case i.e. Malik Riaz, Ali Riaz and Dr Hafeez within an hour but even after the lapse of one hour he did not appear before the court. Chief Justice annoyed with the behaviour of the IGP and called him to provide an explanation of his conduct. He also asked the court to appear on the premises with a copy of the FIR within an hour but he could not do so even after 2 hours. This shows the deliberate neglect of the court’s order on the part of the police.

Chief Justice concluded his judgment by ordering a deputy attorney general to communicate the message to the IGP and tell him to appear in person before him to explain his suspicious behaviour. On Tuesday, an FIR was finally registered against the property tycoon and station house office (SHO), Rana Mubarak, presented its copy in the court.

The petitioners' counsel, during court proceedings in April, highlighted that three persons accused in the case along with accomplices fired the bullets, harassed the owners of Phulgran village and occupied his clients’ land forcefully. He also mentioned that his client filed the application with the sessions and the district court because he was unable to register an FIR with the police.

Despite all of this, the court ordered the police to register FIR, but the police remained reluctant to obey the orders.