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Rippling Property Prices In Three Major Cities

November 26, 2013 • news

Islamabad/Karachi/Lahore – The capital city, Islamabad is thought to be the most expensive city of the country. Where the property prices in DHA and Bahria Town are rising here, the values in CDA governed sectors have dropped a bit.

The realty market of Lahore is cherishing a healthy growth and Government of Punjab has kicked off various infrastructural developments in the city. People from other smaller cities of Pakistan also migrate to Lahore and this migration increases the real estate demand here. However, in the secondary areas, the up surge in prices is unlikely to be noteworthy.

When it comes to Karachi, the property values have increased here by manifolds in the past one year. Moreover, owing to the increase in population, the demand for residential units has increased. According to an estimate, the population of Karachi increases by 4.5-5% y/y. But the areas where there are security issues, the prices of properties see a dip.

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Source: The three major cities: Rise and fall in property prices – Express Tribune