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SNGPL to refund overcharged consumers

March 12, 2019 • news

Lahore: Sui Northern Gas Pipelines Limited (SNGPL) has notified that 11,266 consumers were overcharged as a result of erroneously recorded gas pressure readings, a news source reported. The company has decided to adjust the overbilled amounts in its upcoming bills.

According to an SNGPL spokesperson, Prime Minister Imran Khan had directed the company to verify pressure factor in the consumer billing process. The company was able to identify the consumers concerned by following through on this prescription.

Reportedly, a refund of PKR 50.188 million for the July 2018 — February 2019 period has been processed. It will be used to make adjustments which will appear in the next round of bills issued to consumers.

SNGPL serves a total of around six million consumers, including approximately 5.5 million domestic consumers.

SNGPL also recently launched a crackdown against gas theft in the city. Currently, Punjab Police and SNGPL officers are leading the operation.

As per officials, SNGPL will carry out raids to identify all individuals using gas compressors, and subsequently register FIRS against them. This move will be followed up by a termination of these gas connections.