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Walton Sewerage Drain Project presented to P&D

December 21, 2017 • news

Lahore: The Walton Sewerage Drain Project has been presented to the Planning and Development (P&D) Board, according to a news source. The project is estimated to cost PKR 419 million, which will be spent on improving flow of water in the sewerage drain that runs along Walton Road.

In a meeting held to discuss the project, a briefing was given by officials from the Punjab Housing Department and Public Health Engineering and the final proposal in this regard will be presented before the P&D Board soon. Out of the estimated funds, PKR 130 million will be arranged by the Lahore Cantonment Board, while the remaining amount will be provided by the Government of Punjab.

Walton Road faces major sewerage issues during the monsoon season because the drain water from Defence Housing Authority (DHA) is channelled into the Walton Drain.