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  • قسممکان
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    PKR40 ہزار
  • مقامڈیوائن گارڈنز، لاہور، پنجاب
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6 Marla House Is Available For Rent. It Is Located At Divine Gardens, Lahore.
property Features:
• Exclusive Elite House In Divine Gardens That Is An Emerging Epicenter On Main Defence Road, Adjacent To Allama Iqbal International Airport & Metro.
• The Commercial Broadway Of Dha Phase 8 Is Scarcely 200 Meters Away & Access To The Ring Road Of Lahore Is Just 1 Kilometer Away.
• All Kinds Of Handyman Accommodation:
• Air Conditioning
• Electrical
• Home Furnishing Solutions & Rehabilitates
• Curtains Fine-tuning
• Incipient Home Appliances
• Architectural Design
• Inspire 08 Marla Japanese
• An Essence Of True Modern Architecture Funtional Yet High In Standards To Suit Your Lifestyle. Ferturing High-quality Interiors & Exterior Culminates With An Affluent Color Palette. These Thoughtfully Designed Homes Boast A High Quality With Attention To Detail.
• Drawing
• Dining
• Lounge
• 03 Bed
• 03 Bath
• Kitchen
• Car Porch
• Powder Room
• Store
• Coadjutant Quarter With Affixed Bathroom
• Lawn
• Total Covered Area2295 Sqft.
about Divine Garden, Lahore

• Location: Divine Garden Is Located On Airport Road Near Lahore Ring Road.
• Access: It Has A Facile Access From Bedian Road Via Ghaznavi Road. Ghazi Road Can Be Found On Few Minutes’ Drive.
• Circumvention: The Area Consider To Be The Hub Of Incipient Developments In Lahore. A Number Of Incipiently Developed Housing Societies Are In The Circumvention Of Divine Gardens.
• Airport: Allama Iqbal International Airport Is Situated On Approx. 5 Minutes’ Drive.
• Hospitals: Fouji Substructure Hospital Is Fairly Proximate To The Area Located On Bedian Road.
• Mosques: Grand Central Mosque Is Situated Precisely Antithesis To This Block.

for Details Please Contact Us.


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