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چٹھہ بختاور، اسلام آباد، اسلام آباد کیپیٹل
چٹھہ بختاور اسلام آباد میں 2.75 کنال عمارت 27.5 کروڑ میں برائے فروخت۔چٹھہ بختاور اسلام آباد میں 2.75 کنال عمارت 27.5 کروڑ میں برائے فروخت۔
2.7 کنال

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    PKR27.5 کروڑ
  • مقامچٹھہ بختاور، اسلام آباد، اسلام آباد کیپیٹل
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  • رقبہ2.7 کنال
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Commercial Building Is Available For Sale Having
Hostel Building

Park Road by Comsts University
Size [ 55 Marla ]

4 - Side Open View
Basement Ground Floor 4.5 Floor

21 - Bed Room Luxury
- Attach Bath

1 - Food Court's, Kitchen
1 - Lifted the Properly
1 - Coffee Shop
Marla Extra Space With Car

Three Floor Spacious Bed Covered Entrance/ Sun room, can be utilized , with a lovely 4 - view of the Lush Green & Mostly Busy Road .

Ideal Location for Education lovers. Close to Comsats University. In one of the Best Area’s of Islamabad

Wide Front Supper Looking , Huge Backyard, Spacious Car Parking, Gas Water Electricity Tel / Networks a Road opp. from Comsats University

Rental Value 15 Lac
Earning Rent 15 Lac
Demand 27.5 Crore

Interested parties are welcome to visit, if they feel that they are in a position to make an offer. If their offer is near to the owners expectations, then a face to face meeting can be arranged.
for view Please visit . . . .

More information ask him without any hesitation.


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