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Bin Alam City Offers 7 Marla Single Storey Villas In Islamabad Easy Installment Plan

تھالیاں، اسلام آباد، اسلام آباد کیپیٹل
2 بیڈ
2 باتھ
7 مرلہ

مجموعی جائزہ


  • قسممکان
  • قیمت
    PKR29.5 لاکھ
  • مقامتھالیاں، اسلام آباد، اسلام آباد کیپیٹل
  • باتھ2
  • رقبہ7 مرلہ
  • مقصدبرائے فروخت
  • بیڈ2
  • شامل کی3 سال پہلے


Capital Awami Villas in Bin Alam City Islamabad a project of Bin Alam Developers.
Single Storey 7 Marla Villas on 3 Year Installments plan marketed by RB Marketing pvt. Ltd.
Bin Alam City meets all the prerequisites of a modern housing society and beyond that to offer you additional facilities. It has been planned to ensure that every day life goes by smoothly and pleasantly with 24 hours security. The company is currently engaged in development of Bin Alam City’s mega project. Bin Alam City offers 5, 10 Marla and 1 kanal plots on easy 5 Year installments plan.

? Gated Community
? Grand Fateh Muhammad Masjid
? Professional polo ground
? Horse stable and racing track
? Water sports and Boating
? Heli pad and wide road structure
? Sports stadium
? Skill training workshop center
? Community club
? Polo ground
? Jogging track
? Hotels
? Sports club
? 24hrs Security
? Fateh Muhammad Grand Masjid
? • Parks and Green Area.
? • Shopping malls and Cinema.
? •Class III markets (sectorial markets for daily/routine grocery and shopping).
? • Mosque.
? • Garbage collection and disposal units.
? •Overhead water tank.
? •Underground water supply, sewerage and drainage line, Solar powered street lights.
Facilities & Amenities:
? •State of the art CCTV maintaining 24/7 vigilance of the community area, all integrated to a state-of-the-art central surveillance room.
? •All the security areas are in approach of living members through special access to the call for help facility.
Best time and opportunity to investment
RB Marketing Pvt. Ltd
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