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      Buying a Flat in Jhelum

      The beautiful city of Jhelum is situated on the bank of one of the most famous rivers in Punjab, namely River Jhelum. It is also the capital and most famous industrial city of the Jhelum District. Rohtas Fort, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and Jhelum River Bridge are few of the many sites found in and nearby the city. Since it's situated in one of the oldest districts in the region, Jhelum, as a city, has witnessed a number of important events and battles in the course of its history. However, the importance of Jhelum is not only limited to history. Its culture and local traditions also attract a lot of people to this peaceful city.

      Almost a decade back, the city’s progress was quite slow because, at the time, Jhelum had not much to offer to the people who were in search of opportunities to earn a livelihood. Though this scenario has changed recently. Now, Jhelum has many newly emerged industries and mills, which mainly deal in the refining and processing of locally fetched raw materials such as wood, marble, flour and tobacco. It has become easier for people to find work here, causing them to come and reside in this city. It is believed that Jhelum’s population will continue growing in the coming years. Considering this fact, multi-story apartment buildings are now a part of almost every plan for a new neighbourhood in the city. So, when searching for investment options in Jhelum, one can find plenty of options.

      Types of Flats in Jhelum

      After the recent industrialization, the pace of progress of Jhelum as a city has increased, causing the property prices to go up. Almost all newly-built neighbourhoods have everything mapped out, in terms of design and structure, way before the construction begins. These projects comprise apartment buildings with generally 1- or 2-bedroom units, since these two types are in great demand. Property investors and developers are aware of the growing need of apartments that is why they are coming up with more such projects. Apartments are being constructed in different areas of Jhelum, mostly in newly developed gated communities, according to the modern standards as in any other developed city of Punjab. Mostly 3 to 4-storey tall, the apartment buildings usually have a dedicated space for shops in front, helping an area to have more commercial pockets as well as providing residents with the convenience of having shops near their homes. When it comes to the interior, many apartments have American Kitchens and state-of-the-art fixtures in them. To facilitate living, they also are also installing elevators and standby generators in many of these newly constructed projects.

      Sale Price Trends for Flats in Jhelum

      Many people in the city of Jhelum were not familiar with the apartment system but now things have changed. Nearly all of the new projects in the city have apartment buildings in the plan. The prices for flats found across Jhelum, again, depend on their types. They are categorized primarily as per their number of bedrooms and, secondarily, as per the covered area. A 1-bedroom flat for sale in Jhelum, which is actually 2 marla in size, is priced as low as PKR 29,00,000. People who are in need of a bigger space to live can actually go for a 2-bedroom flat that usually has a covered area of 3.8 marla with the starting cost of as low as PKR 40,00,000. The prices for flats available for sale here also vary according to the availability of facilities and amenities in the nearby areas. Apartments in Citi Housing Scheme offer a lot of facilities like uninterrupted power and water supply. Prices of apartments differ according to the quality of fixtures used in interior and the quality of the built. Most of the buildings located in new housing schemes are now equipped with elevators having power backups, which brings convenience for residents but could be a bit pricey. People usually look for these features in a project before buying an apartment.

      Schools, Universities & Hospitals in Jhelum

      There are many reputable educational Institutions located in Jhelum like FG Boys Public School, Happy Home, Beaconhouse, Allied School, University of The Punjab, Army Public School and College and Military College Jhelum - which is also one of the oldest military institutions in the country. People living in Jhelum can also get adequate medical treatment in healthcare facilities and emergency centres like Jhelum Cardiac Centre, Fauji Foundation Hospital, DHQ Hospital, CMH Emergency and Al-Karam Hospital. Many of these educational and healthcare facilities are ideally located near main roads and highways linked to the other parts of the city, assuring easier accessibility. The newly-formed, upscale neighbourhoods in Jhelum usually have their own schools and medical centres, with state-of-the-art facilities, for the convenience of people living there.

      Facilities & Security in Jhelum

      Islamabad and Lahore are the two major cities that are linked to Jhelum through GT Road. Every day, many people use this route to travel to these cities from Jhelum with the help of some privately owned coach services. To move around within the city of Jhelum, you can either use taxis, rickshaws or buses that are available everywhere. Along with the existence of police stations, Jhelum also has a patrolling police force that usually monitors different areas to keep an eye on the security situation. There are various new housing projects in the city that are currently in the phase of development. These projects provide a secure environment and uninterrupted electric supply to all the residences located within them.

      Shopping & Restaurants in Jhelum

      With a lot of markets and bazaars in Jhelum, there is a lot happening around the city every day. The city offers a delightful mix of urban-rural lifestyle, for example, you can have fruit chaat at a roadside eatery or you can even go to a world-famous restaurant like KFC or Subway and have your favourite fast food. In the same way, for shopping, you can visit traditional style bazaars such as Bari Imam Market or a shopping centre such as Babul Plaza Jhelum for a diverse shopping experience. Some start-of-the-art malls are also under construction like The Citi Mall which is located in The Citi Housing Scheme.

      Reasons for Investing in Jhelum

      Jhelum's progress, with regards to economy and infrastructure, is quite visible. Lifestyle in the city has improved considerably over the past few years as new housing projects and schemes are emerging in the city. Construction of apartments is on the rise. People who are planning to buy an apartment in Jhelum usually consider these facts, whether they intend to rent it out, make it a home or simply keep it as a long-term investment.