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Renting a Flat in Jhelum

Jhelum is a well-known city situated in a district, which shares the same name, in Punjab. The very famous River of Jhelum flows right next to it. Its well-preserved architectural remains reflect the city's rich history. Rohtas Fort, which is a gigantic old structure having 12 gates, is a mesmerizing site to visit. Jhelum is also called the Land of Martyrs or Warriors because of the prominent role it played in the battles that took place in history. In the past decades, the city of Jhelum didn't make much progress but the emergence of new industries in the region has helped change the situation for the better. Mostly dealing in raw materials available locally, these industries and mills are playing their part imperatively to support local as well as national economy.

The impact of this industrialization has been felt by all. Even the local people who previously had to go to other cities to earn a livelihood are finding work here. The city itself gives you a vibrant feel of being in Punjab through its culture, cuisines and traditions. Jhelum is adapting itself to offer an improved lifestyle to the locals as well as the people who are new to this city. Many new gated communities have been planned and developed in Jhelum, which is quite a new thing for this city. So, if you are interested in renting an apartment in Jhelum, you can feasibly pick from a variety of choices available.

Types of Flats in Jhelum

The real estate of Jhelum has done remarkably well in recent years. More people are moving to this city, buying and renting homes for themselves and starting a new life. There are so many types of flats for rent in Jhelum but only a few are more popular in terms of the choices and preferences of the residents. You can easily choose between 1 and 2-bedroom rental apartments because there are plenty of those available, mostly in Citi Housing Scheme. While looking for an apartment in Jhelum, the choices are limited because the concept of flats is something really new for the city. Still, many locals prefer to live in houses and bungalows.

The newly built housing schemes have plots dedicated to apartment buildings. Most of the flats that are constructed nowadays have a contemporary look, for example, they comprise American kitchen, tiled floorings and modern fixtures. These are some important features including the location of that particular property that make it an ideal option for many. The apartment buildings that are now being constructed have a dedicated space for shops in their front. A lot of these projects are only four-story buildings because the practice of constructing high-rise buildings is not followed in Jhelum.

Rent Price Trends for Flats in Jhelum

There are a couple of factors that determine the difference in rental prices of flats in Jhelum. These factors include the covered area of a property, its location and, of course, the quality of interior and fixtures used in its construction. While looking for an apartment for rent in Jhelum, one may look for these features in order to choose a home, appropriate to their lifestyle. Flats across the city are available at affordable monthly rents. For example, the rental price for a 1-bedroom apartment in Jhelum starts from around PKR 15 thousand per month. Next in the list is a 2-bedroom apartment, the starting rental price of which can be as low as PKR 30 thousand a month.

The covered area of 2-bedroom flats can go up to 3.8 marla having a monthly rent as high as PKR 40 thousand. It turns out to be a suitable option for people with larger families or for those who prefer a more spacious place to live. The concept of apartments has been recently introduced and now it is being included in the plan of almost every new and upcoming society in Jhelum. It is mostly because, according to the experts, flats cover less space and accommodate more residents compared to a conventional house. On the other hand, many people these days prefer choosing apartments as their homes as living in a flat system makes them feel more connected to the local community and also provides a sense of security.

Schools, Universities & Hospitals in Jhelum

There are many famous schools, universities and colleges located in and near Jhelum, allowing students of all ages to feasibly pursue their educational goals. Allied School, Beaconhouse, Happy Home, University of the Punjab, Virtual University and Government Post Graduate College are some important names to mention here. Any patient who requires medical treatment in Jhelum can visit healthcare facilities like DHQ Hospital, Fauji Foundation Hospital, CMH Emergency and Jhelum Cardiac Centre. All of these buildings hold key importance for the residents of Jhelum and, to make them easily accessible, they are mostly linked through the main roads and expressways such as Karim Pura Road and GT Road.

Facilities & Security in Jhelum

Jhelum is linked with two major cities of Pakistan, namely Islamabad and Lahore, through GT Road. People travel to and from these cities easily by making use of a number of private coach services. Rickshaws, taxis and buses are found everywhere that can be used for transportation purpose usually within the city. Jhelum gets its electric supply from Islamabad Electric Supply Company (IESCO). However, people living in newly-constructed neighbourhoods enjoy uninterrupted power supply. It is because either these neighbourhoods generate electricity through a private grid station or they have effective power backup plans. There are also some local internet service providers in Jhelum providing people with high-speed connectivity. In terms of security, there are many Police Stations and Chawkis located in different areas of Jhelum to maintain the law and order situation of the city.

Shopping & Restaurants in Jhelum

Jhelum is a bustling city with so many eateries, shopping places, markets and restaurants. There are commercial centres that have proper markets for fruits, vegetables and other items including groceries that are required by almost every household. Bismillah Market, Noor Plaza and Prime Square are some of the best examples in this concern. If we look around the city of Jhelum, it is developing at a rapid pace. Restaurants that are famous around the world such as KFC and Subway also have an outlet in Jhelum providing the people with the opportunity to indulge in their favourite fast food items and snacks. Traditional and desi styled delicacies are available in abundance all around Jhelum especially in those small roadside dhabbas and hotels that are found in almost every commercial area of the city.

Reasons for Renting in Jhelum

Over the last few years, the standard of living in Jhelum has consistently improved, owing to the incorporation of the latest facilities in the city. Real estate developers are now following modern trends while planning and constructing new housing societies in Jhelum. Tranquil environment, proper security measures including the installation of CCTV cameras and a backup plan for power supply are usually a top priority while constructing apartment buildings these days in this city.