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Flats for Sale in Emaar Crescent Bay

Why buy Flats for Sale in Emaar Crescent Bay?

One of the most affluent residential communities of Karachi, Emaar Crescent Bay has all you can need. The venture spreads across an area of 108 acres, which is undergoing construction as an upscale mixed-use oceanfront development. Considered as one of the biggest projects in Pakistan, the venture features a series of high and mid-rise towers for both residential and commercial use.

Moreover, a large shopping centre and a five-star beachfront hotel are in the pipeline for development. The project contains almost 4,000 residential apartments. Moving forward, in 2018, two 38-storey buildings of Coral Tower, Pearl Tower (3 towers) and Reef Tower (2 Tower) were completed. Emaar Properties is a real estate development giant that has assets valued at over $10 billion — as of 2018. Furthermore, the flats for sale in Emaar Crescent Bay include residential units of ultra-modern facilities and technology. The latest design techniques have been implemented in bringing the ‘first of the country’s beachfront developments’.

What are the types of Flats available for Sale in Emaar Crescent Bay?

As the development of the project aims to provide at least 4,000 residential apartments, construction of Coral Tower, Pearl Tower, and the Reef Tower have been completed. The flats for sale in these high-rise buildings are offering a complete living experience, engulfed in luxury and comfort to provide an unmatched living experience.

You can find 1-bedroom, 2-bedroom, 3-bedroom, and 4-bedroom apartments as well as penthouses in Emaar Crescent Bay. These apartments are for sale and are available in different sizes. 

Flats for Sale in Emaar Crescent Bay
Type Area
1-bed 1,106 sq ft — 1,450 sq ft 
2-bed 1,500 sq ft — 2,300 sq ft 
3-bed 2,200 sq ft — 3,100 sq ft 
4-bed 1,700 sq ft — 4,600 sq ft 
Penthouse (single, duplex, triplex) 2,700 sq ft — 9,000 sq ft 

What is the Sales Price Trend for flats in Emaar Crescent Bay?

Buying flats for sale in Emaar Crescent Bay enables you to experience a world-class and luxurious lifestyle — within a gated community. The developers of the project have keenly focused on the provisions of a complete living experience, coupled with all the amenities needed for a quality life. 

You can buy a 1-bed apartment for sale in Emaar Crescent Bay within a price range of PKR 2.6 crore and PKR 6.5 crore. The 2-bed apartments for sale in Emaar Crescent Bay are available on sale for PKR 3.01 crore to PKR 11.26 crore, while the 3-bed apartments are up for grabs within a price bracket of PKR 4.3 crore and PKR 10.1 crore. You can also find the high-end 4-bed apartments from PKR 5.9 crore to PKR 10 crore. The penthouses for sale in Emaar Crescent Bay are available for sale from PKR 7.45 crore to PKR 30.23 crore.

Flats for Sale in Emaar Crescent Bay
Type Price
1-bed PKR 2.6 crore — PKR 6.5 crore
2-bed PKR 3.01 crore — PKR 11.26 crore
3-bed PKR 4.3 crore — PKR 10.1 crore
4-bed PKR 5.9 crore — PKR 10 crore
Penthouse (single, duplex, triplex) PKR 7.45 crore — PKR 30.23 crore

Why invest in flats for sale in Emaar Crescent Bay?

Emaar Crescent Bay, originally being developed by Emaar Properties of United Arab Emirates (UAE) — and the developers of the famous Burj Khalifa — is a pinnacle of excellence that highlights a tasteful blend of modern luxury with mesmerising views of the Arabian Sea. As the project is still undergoing development, you can find flats for sale here at somewhat reasonable prices, which are expected to rise by manyfold in the near future. The return on investment is expected to increase greatly, therefore investing in this venture will definitely be a choice that both genuine buyers and investors cannot turn a blind eye to.