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More About Clifton Karachi

Overview of Clifton Karachi

Karachi being the metropolitan city of Pakistan is almost the favourite of people from all around the world. Of course, the North has its own exclusive attractions and beauty but the South wins the competition in terms of business, professional environment and its not-to-miss night-life. From people of all religions and tribes the place has almost everything for everyone. Ranging from the Pakhtuns to Balochs, Memons to Seraikis, Tanolis to Kashmiris the area is full of multi-cultural environment. It is believed that the Muslims of the area constitute 99% of the population. Quite surprisingly, the population of Sadder Town is estimated to be one million out of the total population of Karachi.

Clifton Karachi, lying in the south of the Saddar, is the heart beat of the area. Since the independence of Pakistan, Clifton has been rated as the most posh area of the country where only the wealthy can reside. Without any second thoughts if you have visited the place you would easily believe the generalization. Rich and renowned are two words that go well with the area. Since long the area has been developing so by analysing it with the current scenario of Karachi real estate sector, we can easily give it a 10/10.

Heard about Clifton? The beach is one thing that clicks your mind. Clifton Beach is one attraction that makes the zone more expensive, exciting and alluring. The growing stresses of the daily routines demand more than just spending time at some expensive restaurant. May be a slow walk in the moonlight can help you as a relaxation therapy. Or maybe a horse cart ride can be a really exclusive going on, as another substitute for eating. Dinning out is getting pretty boring and yes, fattening too. We need healthier ways to relax rather than just following the same boring routines of dining out. Owning a place at Clifton can help soothe down your mind and soul. At least, I believe that. The spending of a few extra bucks at one time and reaping the pleasure for a lifetime is worth it.

From prestigious educational institutions to health centres, worship places, entertainment hubs and huge shopping malls and towers, Clifton is a complete package for a house plan. Well renowned educational institutes such as the Convent of Jesus & Mary, Karachi Grammar School and Lyceum serve the purpose of educating children. The kind of community and the type of schools in the area have an absolute empathy. Yes, I am talking about the traditional thinking of the world that only the rich can afford such expensive education. World class universities such as the SZABIST are the part of the area too.

Apart from serving the purpose of education the place has huge towers and malls such as the Park Towers. The mall is a great attraction spot for families and kids. From top notch brands of clothes, shoes, bag, to dining options, Park Towers is an all-time favourite of all age groups. The Gulf Mall is another beloved Mall for the Karachiites and also provides the customers with traditional clothes, shoes and jewellery stuff. Ashiana is another example how the Karachiites love to shop. The shopaholics will definitely land amongst the best malls of the city. These malls are not only restricted to shopping but, international chains of restaurants will cater the needs of your taste buds. The parlours and the saloons will pamper you. Ice cream parlours will provide an icy treat in the midst of the shopping.

Guys would love to end up on a shop flooded with mobiles and other accessories of the sort. So, without any second thoughts you can easily agree, Clifton Karachi Pakistan is the place to have fun and entertainment, combined. To add to the flavour of the area, Karachi Port Trust has built the world's second largest fountain in the sea in front of Clifton Beach. The view is simply amazing and breathtaking. The fountain rises up to 600 feet and having brightly lit, it is visible throughout the sea shore on Clifton Beach and Sea View. Having said that, my verdict is in flavour of the area, is yours? Well, it has to be.

Community Life in Clifton Karachi

A city of lights, business, education, fun and entertainment – Karachi is the name of life and happiness. It is not just a city but a unique metropolis in many ways. The accelerating rate of suburban growth is phenomenal. Gathered from all around the world and all around the country, people of different tribes, nations, races and creeds serve the city equally. The city is inhabited by people from various linguistic backgrounds and religions. The multi ethnic feature is deeply seeped into the city. This characteristic adds more flavour to the city life in Karachi. The various housing colonies mushrooming in the peripheries of the city attend to the increasing demand of housing units in the city.

Among them, Clifton Karachi Pakistan without any doubt is the favourite of all. Whether in terms of the beach or the residential area or may be the community life, the place is a 10 on 10 in every aspect. It offers equal amenities to the tourists, residents and the businesses. The tourists can enjoy every bit of the place while riding on camels and horses, making sand castles, eating yummy, mouth-watering food and enjoying the scary rides. Apart from the tourists, the residents also feel connected to the world. Every basic need of life is just next to their housing area. Ranging from daily needs to entertainment fun and amusement opportunities, the place is a complete package.

Clifton Karachi is popular for its beaches and the amazing amusements that they offer. Clifton, Hawks bay and Kamarri are amongst the few popular beaches in Karachi. People from all around Pakistan come to visit the place with their families and friends. Above all, the weather remains moderate throughout the year, which is another attractive feature that people love to enjoy the sites and the weather equally. You might experience a bit of heat in the day time but at the end of the day, night life is what matters. The weather cools down at night and the breezes from the sea will be extremely refreshing.

Entertainment is at its peak in Clifton Karachi Pakistan. From the camel rides to the swings, dining out places to the shopping malls, coffee shops to grand hotels, Clifton offers you almost every entertainment in the world, to keep you happy and delightful. Whether it is a short evening out with friends or a long shopping trip, Clifton is one place to offer you everything at one place. You don’t have to drop by at thousands of different markets to fetch a pair of shoes from one, while clothes from the other and dine out at another. Grab a cup of some slush or ice cream and continue shopping. Park Towers, Ashiana and The Gulf Tower will cater to all of your demands at one time.

Community life in Clifton Karachi is very royal and unmatched in Pakistan properties sector. Clifton possesses the homes of great politicians, businessmen and great community leaders. Hence, the area offers comfortable and expensive amenities. You can either go for a slow walk on the beach or land at some local park. You will feel refreshed in either case. Thousands of families come in the evening for relaxing themselves and to fly away from the chaotic hustle bustle of the daily life. The noisy urban life, the rushy roads, the heat and pollution all add up to exhaust the brain. For a soothing and calm experience you need a time out for yourselves. Clifton is one place that offers you a complete divine and peaceful experience.

Despite the fact that the city is overcrowded, the growing skyscrapers, luxury hotels, shopping malls and other entertainment hubs keep adding to the beauty of the city.
Community Life