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More About DHA City Karachi

Defence Housing Authority Karachi laid the foundation of DHA City Karachi in Feb 2012. The city of Karachi is already home to several other projects of the DHA but this new development is considered to be a landmark project for the city especially during a time like this when Lahore real estate sector has a leg up on Karachi's realty market. Almost immediately after its inauguration, DHA City Karachi has grabbed the attention of property buyers in Karachi since whatever project comes with a seal of DHA, it gets recognition and publicity in a heartbeat by generating considerable buzz amongst investors and buyers.

Located on the Super Highway, this mega project is at 20 minutes drive from Jinnah International Airport and covers an area of 11640 acres. Just like any other project of DHA, part of this new project has been reserved for allotments fitting into several of its categories. For the remaining land however, DHA City Karachi has invited applications for it open ballot. The Defence Housing Authority has offered a nine or ten year payment plan for the DHA City Karachi plots for sale. With that, DHA City Karachi has become the highest profiled development in the city as of today.

The response received by this project has been nothing less than extraordinary. Karachi is a city which hungers for residential societies which can offer both comfort and security. Various other projects of the DHA have been able to serve this purpose exceptionally well and for that very reason, nothing less is expected of DHA Karachi City. DHA City Karachi hosts a range of plots ranging from 160 to 2,000 sq yd. As of today, the development has sold over twenty five thousand plots whereas more plots will be auctioned during the second phase of the project in 2016-7. During this time, the authorities hope to auction a badge of another twenty five thousand plots.

The project, which is said to be by completed by 2030, would also be self sufficient. DHA is known for introducing one of those housing societies in Pakistan which bring along innovation, harbouring smarter and better homes. In this regards, the DHA City Karachi would be a one of its kind project that would be able to meet the water demand of its residents without burdening the city’s water supply. Karachi’s impending water crisis is no secret. But the fact that DHA City Karachi will be producing its own water to meet the needs of its residents means that they won’t have to fall prey to tanker mafia.

Failure on part of the government to provide power and gas to its people won’t be an issue for the lucky residents of DHA City Karachi as their housing society will fulfil their needs. DHA City Karachi will ensure the usage of solar geysers along with generating its own electricity with the help of its windmill and thermal power plants, meeting all of its power related needs, almost in compliance with government’s hopes of not demanding, asking or relying on it for anything at all. That alone makes DHA City Karachi a priceless project in itself.