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Buying a Home in Saima Arabian Villas

The real estate market of Karachi is as vast as the city itself. The metropolis is home to 16.5 million people and welcomes thousands of new people almost every year. The best part about the city is that, despite being densely populated, you can easily buy a home in Karachi according to your choice and requirements.

If you’re someone who wishes to reside away from the busy city centre — offices, factories and busy commercial areas — there are many options, such as Saima Arabian Villas in Surjani Town, Gadap. It is another innovative scheme by the popular Saima Builders, a group which has helped lead Karachi’s real estate market move towards a better direction. Saima Arabia Villas is located in District Malir with North Karachi Town towards the south, North Town Residency towards the east, Gulshan-e-Rahim Dad Khan on the north, and Hub Dam Road to the west.

Types of Homes in Saima Arabian Villas

Saima Arabian Villas features a fine variety of homes. Suitable for both small and big families, these homes consist of villas and flats mostly. The villas are based on single-unit structures with varying numbers of bedrooms, a dining room, a TV lounge, a kitchen, and large terraces. The sizes of houses for sale in Saima Arabian Villas include 120, 160, and 240 sq. yd.

As for flats, these units are also well-designed with modern fixtures and fittings. You can find 2, 3, and 4- bedroom apartments with attached bathrooms, a kitchen, a drawing room, and a terrace.

Sale Price Trend for Homes in Saima Arabian Villas

You need to have a flexible budget in order to buy a home in this area. House prices depend on the land size, location, and condition of the unit. Prices of flats more or less also depend on the same factors, along with the number of bedrooms in an apartment and its floor level. You can easily buy a villa between PKR 40 lakh and PKR 1.4 crore. However, in order to buy a flat in Saima Arabian Villas, you need to shell out between PKR 32 and PKR 55 lakh.

Schools, Universities & Hospitals in Saima Arabian Villas

Since Saima Arabian Villas is surrounded by many well-developed societies, you can find a large number of prominent schools in the vicinity. FC School System and Al Hameed School in New Karachi Town, Khadija Kazi Ali Memorial High School in Gulshan-e-Bilal, Pak Folks Grammar School in North Karachi, and County Cambridge School on Shahrah-e-Usman are some of the most popular names in the area.

Hamdard University and Hamdard College of Medicine and Dentistry are the closest degree institutes to the neighbourhood. Plus, it takes around 40 minutes to reach the University of Karachi from here. Other than educational facilities, this residential area is also near some prominent hospitals like Fatima Kidney Care Hospital, Shahrukh Hospital, Rana Medical Centre, and Family Health Clinic.  

Facilities, Shopping & Restaurants in Saima Arabian Villas

Being a gated society, there aren’t a lot of security concerns in Saima Arabian Villas. There are check posts on the entrances and exits and the project also has private security personnel to keep a check on the law and order situation. The roads are very spacious and there are several jogging tracks and parks for recreation.

Major markets and shopping centres are yet to be built here, but Omega Mall North Karachi is situated near Saima Arabian Villas. In addition, a few local restaurants are also located nearby, making the area more entertaining for residents. These spots include Pizza PowerPoint, Jaan Broast & Fast Food, New Pakistan Hasni Restaurant, Shah Family Restaurant, and Roll n Roll.